Wed, 01 Sep 2021 21:22:15 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Tender awarded for Beechworth tennis courts Wed, 01 Sep 2021 06:38:15 +0000

A $ 1.03 million tender for the construction of new tennis courts at Baarmutha Park in Beechworth has been awarded to sports facility design and construction experts, iDwala Pty Ltd.

The project will see the construction of four new quilted acrylic courts, lighting, fencing and all other associated works, including construction of the realignment of the access road and parking lot.

The project is funded by a grant of $ 250,000 from the Victorian government, $ 800,000 from the Beechworth Lawn Tennis Club and $ 35,000 from the Council.

Mayor Jenny O’Connor said the new courts would enhance the convenience of the existing Baarmutha Park sports venue and create increased participation in tennis by providing a compliant, competitive quality facility.

The tennis club was previously based on Albert Street and is using the funds raised from the sale of the site for the new courts.

Work on the site is expected to begin this month with a completion date of January 2022.

The northern entrance to Baarmutha Park will be closed to traffic while construction is in progress, with access to the facilities via the main entrance gate across from Victoria Road.

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Work on JC Schools sports grounds will resume soon Sun, 29 Aug 2021 10:48:07 +0000

After an intermission due to record construction costs, construction of sports facilities at Jefferson City High School is scheduled to begin later this fall.

The Jefferson City School District has been planning the construction of sports facilities at JCHS and Capital City High School since 2017, but the plan has changed several times since then.

When the bond issue to build Capital City High School and renovate and expand Jefferson City High School passed in 2017, the district did not have enough money to build playing fields at CCHS. areas in both high schools.

Originally, the JCHS Adkins Stadium was to be shared between football teams from the two high schools, and CCHS would initially only have training grounds. For other sports, athletes from both schools competed and trained off campus.

For example, softball teams from both high schools competed in Riverside Park, but JCHS athletes would have to practice at CCHS if CCHS was to play there. However, that plan changed as the division of the fields “turned out to be very taxing,” Jason Hoffman, then CFO and COO, said at the board meeting of December.

“It just doesn’t work,” he said at the meeting. “I think they even had games in Capital City even though they didn’t have the amenities. We moved into portable bleachers to play football. So sharing the facilities, we learned a lot. quickly, does not work very well. “

In 2017, the district saw the first drawing of the CCHS sports facility, by Schematic Design, which included only one multi-purpose training ground. In May 2018, after the district had already sent out requests for bids for excavation with a single practice area, district leaders decided that one area was not ideal and worked with the director of risky construction and architects to develop a new design. They then presented a second excavation offer.

The new design included a soccer field right next to the soccer field to allow the district to put a shared grandstand between the tennis, soccer and baseball fields. It only included four tennis courts and no observation towers. At this point, it was bare training grounds.

However, when the project was put out to tender, the district discovered that it was saving money. The contractor at risk, Nabholz, has put in place indemnities in certain areas to guarantee a maximum price. Since he did not use all of these allocations, this money returned to the district, allowing the district to add lights to the baseball and softball fields and to four additional tennis courts with lights, an observation tower and a tennis hitting wall.

He also completed the additions to baseball and softball fields needed for use as a training ground, such as bull pens, and added turf to Adkins Stadium and football, soccer and baseball fields. of CCHS. The district was able to achieve just over $ 9 million in additions outside of the construction contract, within the guaranteed maximum price of the project.

“We didn’t have to increase (the price) as a change order,” Hoffman said in December. “We were just able to complete them because of the way the process worked. “

The district always knew that the CCHS training grounds were meant to be eventually ready for competition. During the J + C bond campaign to build CCHS and renovate JCHS, Superintendent Larry Linthacum stated in all of his presentations that he wanted to have the same opportunities at both high schools, so the district had to try to find a place where they could put baseball / softball, tennis and soccer fields within the JCHS campus.

In 2018, the district planned to cut the rock face between the YMCA and Adkins Stadium to make room for the grounds on the JCHS campus. There is a stream running through this site around the driving range so the district should have removed the driving range. It would have cost around $ 6 million and left no room for parking or changing rooms, Hoffman said.

But then the May 2019 tornado damaged homes in the neighborhood by Jefferson City High School, and some neighborhood residents contacted the neighborhood to purchase their property. The district then sent a letter to all owners in the area asking them to contact the district if they were interested in selling their property.

The district purchased and recently completed demolition of approximately 50 properties in an area bounded by Stadium Boulevard, Jackson Street, Oberman Place and Adams Street, where it now plans to install the land.

The district had planned to borrow money for sports facilities and buildings to deal with overcrowding in kindergarten through eighth grade at the same time, but the overcrowding plan was suspended. The original plan was to issue a bond issue to voters for the buildings to address overcrowding in kindergarten to eighth grade classrooms in April 2020, but district leaders put the plan on hold to give them more time. to evaluate the solutions.

JC Schools now plans to issue a bond issue to the board of directors and voters in April 2022. The district can borrow $ 80 million without raising the tax rate, and it will likely need to borrow that full amount.

The district planned to borrow $ 100 million at the same time – $ 80 million for school buildings through a general bond and $ 20 million for sports facilities through a lease-purchase, or a certificate of participation, a type of financing where an investor purchases a share of the rental income from a program rather than the bond secured by that income. Participation certificates are guaranteed by income from leases and commonly used by public municipalities. Sports facilities will still be funded by a COP of $ 20 million.

The district will budget $ 1.5 million per year from the capital projects fund over the next 20 years.

While the district was still not ready to move forward with the overcrowded K-8 bond issuance last year, it announced in December that it was ready to move forward with the sports facilities as this would allow the district to take advantage of historically low interest rates. and that would allow the sports facilities to be completed faster instead of waiting for the other project to be completed.

In December, the Board of Education approved the district’s proposal to go ahead with the addition and completion of competitive sports facilities at the two high schools with the goal of starting construction in May. and put them into service in time for the 2021-2022 school year. .

“It was a very tight schedule,” Facilities Manager Frank Underwood said in June. “Over time, seeing where we were at and what it was going to take was quite a task. It finally became a reality that it wasn’t going to happen.”

The district then expected excavation to begin in late June and most construction to be completed by January – but construction costs have caused setbacks.

The estimated initial cost of the projects was $ 21.4 million. This cost includes the facilities of both schools and the addition of a road behind Thomas Jefferson Middle School, as this project was included in the same contract.

However, the cost has become higher than expected.

“It has become clear in recent months that construction and material costs are at an all time high, which is being seen across the country,” Acting COO Dawn Berhorst said earlier this month. . “This forced us to look for ways to reduce costs without compromising the quality and functionality of the finished project. “

By delaying construction, the district still hopes to meet the $ 21.4 million budget.

Excavation of the JCHS sports facilities is expected to begin shortly and most of the construction is expected to be completed by mid-2022.

Jeff Schnieders Construction installed erosion control, stripped the southwest corner of the site between Case Avenue and Stadium Boulevard, and hauled over 100 loads of backfill from another site.

The district’s grading permit allows it to carry additional loads if needed until September 6, but no further work can take place until then until the permit is issued.

The site plan is being finalized and the district is waiting for the city council to approve the release of the rights-of-way on the streets.

“The city told me it would like two weeks to revise before issuing the grading permit,” Underwood said. “The grading permit can be issued as soon as the release of the rights of way is approved by the council. We have been told that the release of rights of way will go to city council on September 7.

The council will seek a suspension of the rules in the hopes of discussing and approving it in one meeting, he said.

“That being said, we hope that the grading permit will be ready for issuance by September 8,” he said.

The city has approved road closures on Case Avenue, Union Street, and Oberman Place between Jackson and Adams Streets, and the district has set up temporary barricades in hopes of preventing students from developing traffic patterns on those streets. , Underwood said.

JCHS construction will include: a baseball / softball field with dugouts, reliever pens, batting cages and bleachers; a newsroom, concessions, toilets and storage facilities to be used between fields; a soccer field with lighting and bleachers for the house and visitors; a tennis complex with eight tennis courts and a pavilion with restrooms, concessions, storage and observation deck; and the elevation of the visitor bleachers at Adkins Stadium.

Since the groundwork for the additions to the Capital City High School athletic facilities has already been laid, this project will not require as much preparation, such as excavation and demolition. A timeline for the CCHS project is unlikely to be available until the bids for the subcontractors are released this fall, Berhorst said.

Construction of the CCHS will include a press room, bleachers for home and visiting teams, concessions, washrooms and changing rooms for use between football and soccer fields; dugout canoes, a press room, concessions, washrooms and storage areas at the baseball / softball complex; and event parking adjacent to soccer and football fields and near tennis courts.

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Naomi Osaka and BODYARMOR LYTE Unveil Refurbished Tennis Courts Sat, 28 Aug 2021 14:38:57 +0000

Four-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka has teamed up with BODYARMOR LYTE, the official sports drink of the US Open Tennis Championships, to unveil the newly renovated children’s tennis courts at Detective Keith L. Williams Park in Jamaica, in Queens.

In 2020, BODYARMOR is committed to renovating the tennis court facilities to bring its US Open partnership to life beyond the tournament and to inspire young athletes in the local community of Queens where Osaka did. his beginnings. The courts were unveiled by Naomi Osaka’s foundation, Play Academy, which will host “LYTE Up the Courts” – a youth tennis clinic featuring participants from New York-based tennis organizations.

“I have seen with my own eyes how playing sports can have a positive impact on the lives of children,” said Naomi Osaka. “It has been extremely rewarding to work with BODYARMOR to revitalize the same tennis courts that I grew up playing on. And the fact that BODYARMOR is also a Queens-based company makes this initiative even cooler and more meaningful to me. Updating these courts means so much – local high schools use them for practice and competition, the community comes here to play – the benefits will be long lasting. “

“Through our partnership with Naomi Osaka, BODYARMOR has been able to give back to the Queens community, which holds a special place in our hearts,” said Michael Fedele, vice president of marketing at BODYARMOR. “Being able to support this project is much more important than the renovation itself. With the new courts, we are not only able to provide improved facilities for the next generation of tennis players, but we are also investing in the future of the community that we also call our home.

An extension of BODYARMOR Sports Drink, BODYARMOR LYTE offers a premium low-calorie, no-sugar-added sports drink option with potassium-rich electrolytes, antioxidants and coconut water. The brand knows that consumers and athletes alike are looking for better health options when it comes to sports drinks, as health and wellness trends continue to rise. In 2020, BODYARMOR LYTE announced its significant multi-year partnership with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) which named BODYARMOR LYTE the official sports drink of the US Open Tennis Championships.

The 2021 US Open will run from August 30 to September 30. 12 at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing, NY

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]]> 0 Wimbledon star opens new state-of-the-art tennis courts in Alexandria Tue, 24 Aug 2021 14:34:36 +0000

Wimbledon star Jonny O’Mara was joined by schoolchildren as new, state-of-the-art tennis courts were officially opened in Alexandria.

Pupils at nearby Levenvale Primary School enjoyed a short masterclass at the Argyll Park tennis courts, which were developed with a £ 200,000 investment from the West Dunbartonshire Council, the Lawn Tennis Association and of sportscotland.

Australian Open doubles quarter-finalist Jonny O’Mara recently competed in his fourth Wimbledon tournament.

He is also an Ambassador for Tennis Scotland, acting as a mentor to the next generation of tennis stars in Scotland to provide hands-on support to players.

It is hoped that the courts will encourage increased participation and interest in the sport, with free use for residents during off-peak hours.

While the courts were officially opened by the head of the council, Councilor Jonathan McColl, he said an increase in bookings had already been seen since they were made available earlier in the summer.

He said: “I am absolutely delighted to officially open this brilliant facility, which has already sparked renewed interest in tennis with over 420 court bookings involving 1300 participants since the courts opened at the end of June.

“The West Dunbartonshire Leisure Trust will also offer tennis development sessions to introduce residents to the sport, increase participation and help develop tennis skills and enjoyment.

“Other programs offered in partnership with the West Dunbartonshire Council and the Lawn Tennis Association have seen free practice and equipment to encourage continued participation.

“The development of these courts will certainly bring benefits to Alexandria and the whole of West Dunbartonshire for generations to come and I encourage residents to try them out for themselves.

The all-weather lit courts, which have been developed to the Lawn Tennis Associated standard, will be managed by the West Dunbartonshire Leisure Trust on behalf of the board.

Blane Dodds, Managing Director of Tennis Scotland, said: “Tennis in Scotland continues to grow in popularity and first-class facilities like Argyll Park will no doubt support our efforts to increase participation at all levels of the game.

“Argyll Park is a great example of how local councils, Sportscotland, the LTA and Tennis Scotland can work together to provide fantastic facilities that everyone can enjoy.”

Stewart Harris, Sportscotland General Manager, added: “It’s fantastic to see these courts already being used so well.

“This investment was made possible by National Lottery players who raise £ 36million per week for good causes.

“Without this level of support, the development of community facilities like the Argyll Park tennis courts simply would not be possible.”

The courts are open Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday to Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

They are free to use between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday to Friday, by reservation.

The courts can be booked online or through an app called Clubspark Booker, which also controls the lighting of the spotlights so that they are appropriately lit when needed.

Argyll Park will also be a ‘Tennis For Free’ venue from September, with a free weekly session led by coaches for all ages, with all equipment provided, making the new courts accessible to all.

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Row at Kincorth tennis courts contains plans for 200 homes Fri, 20 Aug 2021 10:45:00 +0000

Row at Kincorth tennis courts contains plans for 200 homes

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A fundraiser for the new Kelly Walsh and Natrona County tennis courts will take place on Thursday Thu, 19 Aug 2021 01:22:00 +0000

CASPER, Wyoming (Wyoming News Now) – Neither Kelly Walsh nor Natrona County High School have their own tennis courts. A fact that Casper Community Tennis Association secretary Angela Emery said “unusual” for a town the size of Casper in Wyoming.

This is the motivation of the Casper Community Tennis Association to organize Thursday a “Concert on the courts with Jalan Crossland”. The event aims to raise funds for a new facility of 10 tennis courts that Kelly Walsh and Natrona County tennis teams could use.

Currently, teams train in separate facilities disconnected from schools. Kelly Walsh trains at the Casper Country Club and Natrona County works out on the Washington Park courts. Both schools offer strong “no-cut” tennis programs.

Emery said it was a “20-year” process to give schools their own courts.

“The time is right. Now is the time for a new tennis facility here,” Emery said in an interview Wednesday at the Washington Park tennis courts. “Our kids deserve it. Our community deserves it,” so this concert aims to raise awareness and raise important funds to make this dream come true. ”

“Concert at the Courts with Jalan Crossland” will be organized at the Casper Country Club from 5pm. Crossland will take the stage at 7 p.m.

The event is free and donations are encouraged to raise funds for the new tennis facilities on offer.

The festivities will also include food and drink, and there will be an alumni challenge against current Trojan and Mustang tennis players.

Senior tennis player Kelly Walsh Jackson Catchpole said he was “excited” for the event and it would mean “a lot” to see everyone supporting the tennis programs.

Catchpole will never be able to play on the potential new pitches as a home player, but he said the idea of ​​having them would give schools and players “a lot of pride”.

“A lot of schools around Wyoming, in fact all of them, have their own tennis courts,” Catchpole said. “And you just see the school coming together because I mean it’s right there.” Your whole school can come. They can support you.

The event will also include a free children’s tennis clinic when the doors open.

Copyright 2021 Wyoming News Now. All rights reserved.

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Pickleball court offered at Hoberman tennis courts | News, Sports, Jobs Wed, 18 Aug 2021 06:37:13 +0000

LOCK HAVEN – Pickleball courts may be in the future of Hoberman Park.

The sport of paddling, which combines elements of badminton, table tennis and tennis, is popular among city and county residents, according to Paul Ballat and Ron Haffley.

Haffley and Ballat attended the board meeting on Monday night to discuss converting four tennis courts in Hoberman Park to eight pickleball courts.

Both men participate in a pickleball club, which has 50 members, and said the tennis courts are in poor condition and underused.

Haffley and his wife, Sherry, lead the group which meets at different locations in Clinton and Center counties to perform. Haffley told the board they average between 27 and 28 players in each game.

The duo attended the meeting after the board received an email from Dr. Jenny Boyle, a member of the pickleball team. Boyle said:

“I’m a retired local who has joined the pickleball craze. We have a group led by Ron and Sherry Haffley with dozens of people who enjoy playing this game. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough facilities to accommodate all interested players.

“There are tennis courts at Hoberman Field that could be converted to eight pickleball courts. I wonder if funds are available and / or if we could ask for money to rehabilitate these courts? Our players are active members of the community and would appreciate any information you could provide.

City Councilor Steve Stevenson said he thought it would be a project worth considering.

“I watched it and it looks funny. There is interest… I have also received comments on this subject ”, Stevenson said.

Mayor Joel Long agreed with Stevenson, adding that the project would take time. He said improvements to Hoberman Park are included in the city’s five-year plan.

Councilor Douglas Byerly said he had previously spoken with Haffley about the proposed pickleball courts.

“These people are highly respected in the community. This is what we are looking for ”, said Byerly.

After his discussion, he spoke to town planner Abbey Roberts and public works manager Tony Stopper.

Byerly said Stopper and his department are interested in helping the project, whether it’s temporary repairs or a complete resurfacing of the project. However, it is not in the budget for 2021.

Losing all four tennis courts would not be detrimental to sport in the region, Long said. “It’s not like there aren’t other places that have access to tennis courts.”

Roberts said council staff are starting preliminary designs for Hoberman Park in which the courts could be included. However, construction wouldn’t start until 2023 or 2024, he said.

Haffley told the council he spoke to a local contractor who said paving the courts – a space of 120 feet by 160 feet – would cost around $ 36,000.

“If we could do that, we could eventually paint lines and use portable nets up to 3-4 years later,” he said.

City councilor Alex Di Costanzo asked if the city could make minor repairs to make the courts temporarily playable.

“It’s a possibility, if they could just make it playable”, Haffley said.

Haffley asked if the board could accept donations to the project to which the majority of the board responded “We can’t do this, you can.”

Haffley and Ballat said the pickleball group may look to fundraise themselves and come to council in the future for project approval.

City Manager Gregory Wilson told the couple to keep in touch with Director of Community Life Kasey Campbell. He added that the project itself would also involve Stopper and Roberts if the grants were used.

Roberts told the board that USA Pickleball had a small grant for the equipment available and that DCNR and DCED might also have grants that could be used for the project as well.

Stevenson said the project could also be referred to the city’s recreation committee for further review.

“It’s an underutilized space and, for my part, I would love to see it” Long said of the project. “Start working with Kasey and let’s see where it goes. “

No action has been taken regarding the possible project.

All council members were in attendance for Monday’s meeting which was held in the council chamber and streamed live on the city’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

The council will hold its next meeting on Monday, August 23 at 7 p.m.

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Shrub End tennis court house plans abandoned Tue, 10 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000 The conservative-led administration of COLCHESTER’s council said it had abandoned ‘explosive’ plans for more than 100 houses on a set of tennis courts … but the former head of the council said they already had been suspended.

It was revealed that the former progressive alliance of authority had discussed plans to create an estate of around 130 houses on the Eudo Road sports grounds in Shrub End.

Ward Councilor Pauline Hazell and election candidate Angela Linghorn-Baker said they had been asking for answers for more than a year about the site’s future, but to no avail.

Pauline said: “After taking over, we found out last month that the plans were actually quite advanced and were actually for 130-160 homes covering the entire site.

“Every tennis court, clubhouse, parking lots and a substantial part of the open green space had to be built with enormous development.

“It should be noted that these courts are only unused because this is what the previous administration decided. They restricted access to these courts and stopped taking public reservations, meaning the money couldn’t be taken, no investment was made, and then they left them to deteriorate.

“These plans would mean a great loss of open space and valuable recreational land in Shrub End, which was not going to be replaced locally.”

Colchester Council Chief Paul Dundas said he immediately called for all work on the project, which could have started within 18 months, be stopped while the community was consulted.

He added: “We have to find out what the local people want.

“I know Pauline and Angela will be there to talk and survey the residents and we won’t do anything until we get feedback.

Read more:

The proposals consisted of approximately 130 homes and a 2,000 square foot medical center and general practitioner practice.

Colchester MP Will Quince posted a video on social media attacking the old administration for allegedly hiding the plans.

But former Lib Dem council chief Mark Cory said plans for homes for the site had been put on hold in favor of other options.

He said: “The trading company of the council came up with a first version of the program and we rejected it. We have started looking at other plans for the site, such as setting up a health center there, as well as maintaining some tennis courts.

“Essentially, we then put it on hold as we explored other sites in the borough, such as Vineyard Gate and Britannia parking lots.

“If the plans had been taken any further, we would have spoken to ward councilors and residents. No one saw these plans because we rejected them.

“I am disappointed that the member is playing politics with this issue again. The Conservatives are playing politics by not explaining the whole truth.

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Heigham Park tennis courts “are home to 130 wildlife” Sun, 08 Aug 2021 04:30:00 +0000

A meadow in a Norwich park that has been set aside for hard tennis courts is home to at least 130 different species, it is said.

Campaigners called for a proper consultation on the future of the former Heigham Park site, which was used as Norwich’s last turf public courts until 2017.

Citizen scientists conducted a wildlife survey at Norwich’s former lawn tennis courts.
– Credit: Consultation of Heigham Park

Citizen scientists, led by specialist environmentalists, were allowed to conduct a wildlife investigation in the old courts on August 2.

Survey leader and environmentalist Sarah Gelpke said: “The purpose of this survey was to establish and prove the change in ecological conditions at the site since the last survey and ecological report was carried out in 2018, when the site was described as “of low ecological quality”. ‘.

“Since that initial investigation, the tennis court area has transformed into a meadow of wildflowers and grasses, with an astonishing range of plant and animal biodiversity. “

Heigham Park

56 kinds of flowering plants and six kinds of herbs were among the species found on ancient tennis courts.
– Credit: Consultation of Heigham Park

The investigation identified and cataloged 56 types of flowering plants, including the small hawkbit, six types of grasses, and 12 types of trees and shrubs ranging from goat willow to tree of heaven.

You can also watch:

Animals identified as present included the wood mouse, hedgehog, yellow-necked mouse, common shrew, and Eurasian pygmy shrew.

They also observed 11 species of pollinators – bees and hoverflies, 16 types of invertebrates, including five types of butterflies, and 18 types of dragons and damselflies, from the Norfolk peddler to the red darter.

Heigham Park Tennis Court

130 different species were found during the survey of the Heigham Park tennis court site.
– Credit: Consultation of Heigham Park

A nocturnal survey of bats revealed the presence of species, the common pipistrelle, the pipistrelle pipistrelle and the brown bat, and possibly three others the alcathoe, the brandt’s bat and the bat. whiskered mouse.

Peter Cutting, survey participant and member of the Heigham Park advisory group, who is calling for a consultation to take place on the future of the area, said: “We knew this grassy area was rich in wildlife, but not. also rich.

Dog on the old grassy fields that have become meadows

The old grass courts have become a meadow
– Credit: George Thompson

“We call on the council, in accordance with its stated environmental policy, to suspend this project and fully consider the value of what it has here.”

The group hopes the finding will support the case for a new consultation on the disputed construction of hard courts that would cover more than two-thirds of the wildflower meadow.

130 different species were found during the survey of the Heigham Park tennis court site.

130 different species were found during the survey of the Heigham Park tennis court site.
– Credit: Consultation of Heigham Park

Norwich City Council has previously said it has carried out all statutory work associated with the project, including a “rigorous planning process”.

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Lines are drawn on the tennis courts in Goodale Park for pickleball games Fri, 06 Aug 2021 12:00:54 +0000

It seems like a silly game to play, but pickleball is very serious business for some.

Michele Singletary is one of them. After driving through the Goodale Park tennis courts in Grovetown, the avid pickleball player approached the town of Grovetown in February to have a pickleball field for local players.

Pickleball combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis.  Singles and doubles matches can be played indoors or outdoors on a badminton court with a modified tennis net, according to

She and her husband grew up playing sports and hanging out at Goodale Park. For the past two years, the couple have played pickleball at the Montclair pickleball courts, travel to participate in tournaments and help organize local tournaments.

“It’s a fun way to stay active and meet new people,” she said.

Following:The pickleball craze: get started

The sport is for all skill levels, combining elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. Singles and doubles matches can be played indoors or outdoors on a badminton court with a modified tennis net, according to

Aiken resident Lynn Sullivan plays pickleball at Odell Weeks Recreation Center in September 2019 in Aiken.  The sport is practiced with a paddle and a plastic ball with holes.

“Pickleball is a great mix of athleticism and social all wrapped up in a fun package,” Singletary said.

After researching the sport, the city approved the addition of lines to the park’s tennis courts. The lines for two lots cost $ 1,500 compared to over $ 60,000 for a new lot.

“It was the cheaper alternative and we can still use the courts for tennis,” said David Carlin, director of recreation services.

Participants of the Palmetto Doubles Invitational Pickleball tournament practice at the Odell Weeks Recreation Center on Thursday afternoon, September 5, 2019, in Aiken, SC

There is also talk of having courts at the Liberty Park Community Center. Carlin said he hoped the courts would make it possible to host tournaments and earn income from pickleball players visiting the city. This is already happening in Aiken. The city has been a pickleball hotspot for the past 12 years with tournaments drawing crowds from several states.

Columbia County also offers pickleball opportunities at Patriot’s Park, Lakeside Park, and Blanchard Park. The county recently made Patriot’s Park yard lines permanent in a recent resurfacing, going from duct tape to paint.