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10 Public Tennis Courts to Play in Maine


I recently went camping in Maine and it brought out an inner child in me that I hadn’t felt in a while. I ran around the amazing campground swimming, playing, sleeping on the ground, dancing, and doing sports I hadn’t done in years.

We packed our bus with all sorts of games or activities we would like to play including a few tennis balls and tennis rackets. We started the mornings hitting around the tennis ball and man, it felt good.

It made me realize how easy it is to get out and be active and it’s a sport you don’t have to be good at to play, you can take it easy and just join it in. back and forth and it doesn’t matter if you’re wrong.

If you want to play a real game, then yes, skill is required, but if you just want to be outside and active with friends, it’s such an easy and free thing to do.

Where to Play Tennis in Maine

To make it even better, there are free places to play scattered across the state. In most towns and villages there is a tennis court nearby. If it’s open, it’s up to you. I was walking past Westbrook High School the other day and the courts were empty so my partner and I went and had a few rallies.

I definitely underestimated what practice tennis is; barely 20 minutes and my heartbeat was through the roof and I had broken out in a sweat. It was great.

There are plenty of places to gamble in Maine and I will definitely shop around and try them. One of my personal favorites are the Eastern Boardwalk Courts in Portland because they have incredible views of the water.

Here are a few others in the area:

10 Public Tennis Courts to Play in Maine

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