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PALM BEACH, Fla. — Next Monday, Matt Eberflus will have his first opportunity to set the tone.

The Bears will begin their off-season training program, and it’s usually a momentous occasion for a first-year head coach, let alone a first-time head coach. This is his first speech in front of the team. This is something that has been on Eberflus’ mind.

“I’m ready to go,” he said Tuesday when meeting with reporters at NFL owners’ meetings. “Ready for three weeks.”

Although Eberflus has touched base with players here and there, communication is limited — under offseason rules — but starting April 4, he can start to find out what he wants the Chicago Bears to do. ‘Eberflus look alike.

“They’ve all heard what we’ve said since we were hired,” Eberflus said. “And really just to get to know the guys. That’s it. And then set the standards for how we operate. The basics of how you operate in building, then just start laying the foundation.

“When you have nine weeks with a band and you want to lay the foundation, you have to take it one piece at a time. And just lay that down. Because when you lay the foundation, physically lay the foundation, you have to lay the groundwork The ground has to be straight. And we’re going to take our time doing that. And then we’re going to start assembling one piece at a time.

In previous media availabilities, Eberflus resisted saying too much about the players, but as the roster takes shape and with voluntary minicamp practices less than a month away, he divulged some more on Tuesday. Here are 10 takeaways from the Bears head coach.


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