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5 Areas to Get Paid International Summer Internships in Germany, France and Dubai

Summer internships are a great opportunity to gain real-world work experience in a short time. Here, international internships offer students immense benefits by developing skills, gaining cross-cultural experience, and enhancing their CVs. According to research, 50% of interns are offered full-time jobs, four-fifths of students say they have improved their professionalism and work ethic through work experience.

Now, with the changing times, virtual internships are also getting a boost. Virtual internships also help interns develop professional connections with international companies.

They offer the same level of global experience to gain the skills needed in today’s economy.

Here are the most in-demand areas for a paid summer internship in dynamic, forward-thinking places like France, Germany, and Dubai:

1. Engineering

Engineering as a career field is broad and opens the door to various opportunities mainly targeting international students.

The internships offered in Germany, France and Dubai benefit the candidates enormously by providing knowledge through theoretical practice, also offering interested persons a platform to create and build their own position in the market.

Traveling to another country in the midst of covid is difficult for many, these countries provide assistance with this by allowing interested candidates to apply for virtual internships in a comfortable and flexible space of time.

2. Marketing

Marketing as a field is very competitive because it involves people’s culture and economic status.

To create a place in this field, these countries offer internships by allowing candidates to work while traveling to the required country or also offering candidates to use work from home through virtual internships.

Internships offered by these countries help interested individuals to think like a consumer with diverse cultures and implement strategies that will open the door to various opportunities.

Internships in the field of marketing build an individual’s confidence and self-development with complacency.

3. Business

Business is one of the career fields that offers the greatest opportunities for international students and interested individuals. Dubai, France and Germany have reached a huge space with employers around the world and help the required candidates to flourish in this field of business.

Countries have created homes for more than 500 businesses, creating a vast increase in employment.

Having an internship in this field and specially in countries that have created their own position in this area of ​​the business market will be beneficial for candidates while helping to enhance their international business perspective to implement their learning in their own country or their future trademark. .

For international students, these companies located in Dubai, France and Germany allow students to opt for internships virtually, which greatly relieves those in times of pandemic.

4. Art and architecture

Countries like France, Dubai and Germany are known for their structural design and beautiful monuments and landscapes. An internship in countries that have such remarkable sculptures gives a boost to one’s CV and greatly increases a candidate’s self-confidence.

There are various internship opportunities offered by these countries in terms of in-country internship or virtual internship.

Considering that moving to a new country amid such pandemic norms is a matter of concern, countries are relieving applicants by allowing them to choose between virtual internships and in-person internships.

People opting for an art and architecture internship in these countries give them a platform to work in a multicultural and dynamic environment.

An internship in this field will help individuals improve their skills and build their resume by creating a comfortable yet solid portfolio of work.

5. Hotel management

Dubai, Germany and France over the years have attracted the attention of millions of visitors every year. Since these countries have a diverse yet rich culture, scenic landscapes, and space to explore and learn new skills by putting their learnings into practice.

Countries offer a wide range of internship opportunities, either through virtual support or by moving to a new location.

Internships provide interested candidates with skills that will help them thrive and create a new space and position in hotel management by exploring different countries and seeking job opportunities outside of their own country.

Finally, a summer internship in modern and creative places like Dubai, France, Germany offers many options for students. These paid internships, whether virtual or in-person, will allow students to grow globally while providing global reach.

– Article by Som Sharma, Director, Edu Brain Overseas

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