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Tennis can almost be considered a form of therapy. Going to court can be tough, but it makes you feel good once you’ve done it. It’s one of the few sports that provide fun as well as great cardio. Every muscle in your body is used to move from one position to another. It involves short sprints, quick movements, flexibility and requires a lot of attention. This sport is as much a hobby as it is a passion for players. If you’re looking for great places to practice your shots, here are seven of the best tennis courts in london which will impress you:

1. Islington Tennis Centre, Islington

It is one of the busiest locations offering outdoor and indoor tennis courts in London and is always packed with old and new players. The Islington Tennis Center has six indoor acrylic padded courts and two lighted, hard surface outdoor courts. So you can pick up your racquet and head there, rain or shine. In addition, the “pay and play” sessions organized by Islington Council allow you to play regularly.

Islington Tennis Center ticks all the boxes for fitness enthusiasts. After a thrilling match, you can opt for a sauna or a steam bath. Or, on a day when you don’t feel like hitting the field, you can hit up their 60-station gym and fitness studio. Here you can do cardio, yoga, body combat or dance to eliminate fatigue with a Zumba session.

It is one of London’s most attractive tennis clubs for members and non-members. So whether you want to improve your technique or just have an exciting game with friends, Islington is a smash hit. They usually open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends. However, these hours may change, so we recommend checking their opening hours on their website before heading there.

You will find the Islington Tennis Center on Market Road, London, N7 9PL. The nearest station is Caledonian Road.

2. Tower Hamlets Tennis, Victoria Park

In the large 86-hectare Victoria Park are the tennis courts of Tower Hamlets in London. The four porous tarmac courts facing a practice wall welcome anyone who wants to enjoy a clean moment.

Gather with an opponent or go solo, this place allows members and non-members. The courts are in the open air and are placed close to each other. However, the club only opens during the day until it gets dark. The place is well located, which makes it a hit among the city’s tennis players.

Plus, when you want to take a break from the rally, you can ride your bike, go for a treat at the local cafe, or just relax on the grass. Tower hamlets is open from 8 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. daily.

You will find Tower Hamlets at Victoria Park, London, E9 5HT. The nearest station is Hackney Wick.

3. Brockwell Park Tennis Courts, Brixton

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An attractive garden, a calming duck pond, a photo-worthy clock tower, attractive greenery, an alluring swimming pool and a running track.

Brockwell Park has lots of greenery and offers an exceptional place to hit the pitch for a game with your friends after work at a reasonable price. It’s conveniently located near Brixton tube station and you can book an outdoor pitch for paid play.. All you have to do is register with Clubspark and then use your account to reserve a slot.

Plus, the park offers so much more than the best tennis courts in London. It’s a great place where you can walk your dog after a game or take a dip in the pool before heading out. The paddling area, lido and duck pond add to the overall appeal of the place and the pleasant aromas of the cafe might draw you in after all that exercise. It opens daily at 8 a.m. and closes at 9 p.m.

You will find the Brockwell Park tennis courts at Brockwell Park, Norwood Road, Herne Hill, Lambeth, London, SE24 0NG. The nearest station is Herne Hill.

4. London Fields, Hackney

London Fields is on the edge of Richmond Road and Hackney. It has two excellent outdoor courts that serve players well until it gets dark. Although the place does not have lights to allow you to play at night, its location attracts crowds. The place is well located with Broadway Market and a lido nearby. So you can go to lunch or go swimming after a good match.

Making online reservations at London Fields is as seamless as the courts themselves. Simply book the court online and take a printout when you go. We recommend booking the venue through their website at least a week in advance. The court is open from 10 a.m. until dusk and you can make reservations there.

You will find London Fields tennis courts on Richmond Road, London, E8 3QN. The nearest station is London Fields.

5. Will to win, various locations

Will to Win is an organization that runs several outdoor and indoor tennis courts in London. The playing area is synthetic grass or the usual hard court. You can reserve a court three days in advance through the pay and play system.

Wherever you are, there will be a will to win serving tennis fans near you. All you need is to keep your ears open to hear the sound of a backhand. Their goal is to improve tennis facilities in public parks and encourage everyone of all ages and abilities to play to their heart’s content. They can be found in Hyde Park, Greenwich Park, Chiswick House Gardens, Lammas Park, Regents Park and even Pitshanger Park.

You can even take part in the ‘Tournaments and Leagues’ organized by Volonté de Gagner throughout the year. These matches can be anything from a social tournament to an LTA ranked professional contest. If you want to play doubles in social matches but don’t have a partner who can go with you, the coaches here can help you find one.

You will find Will to Win at several locations, including Will to Win Hyde Park, South Carriage Drive, London, W2 2UH. You can check their website for other locations.

6. Holland Park Lawn Tennis Club, Holland Park

The aforementioned places are mostly open to everyone. Anyone can come in and engage in play time. But if you’re looking for exclusivity, Holland Park Lawn Tennis Club is for a select group of people interested only in tennis and a great relaxing experience. This is a private club for members only.

Although you will have to wait about three years to try your volley there, trust us, it will be worth it. You need two referrals from existing members. Legends like Billie Jean King and Jimmy Connors have set foot and played on these hallowed grounds. In accordance with Wimbledon convention, Holland Park uses a white dress code for all players in the summer.

This place is on top of a hill with beautiful Holland Park Avenue mansions surrounding the club. It is home to one of London’s most sought-after tennis courts and is frequented by many fans of the Notting Hill game.

The lawns are magnificent, with eight sprawling grass courts, three natural greens and five artificial. You can visit their synthetic courts at any time of the year, but the natural courts are only open between May and September.

You can find Holland Park Lawn Tennis Club at 1 Addison Road, London, W14 8DU. The nearest station is Shepherd’s Bush.

7. The All England Lawn Tennis Club

Counted among the most recognizable tennis courts in London and the world. The All England Lawn Tennis Club, or AELTC, is a prestigious club with over 500 members and a queue of over 1000 members. It’s probably easier to win a match against Federer than to fight your way through this clique!

Yet any list of tennis clubs in London is incomplete let alone the AELTC. This members-only club offers a fully functional gym, restaurant, clubhouse, croquet lawn, and sports store. Home to one of London’s finest tennis courts, the AELTC offers honorary membership to singles champions, revered tennis players, club benefactors and those who have served the game. The Duchess of Cambridge has been the club’s patron since 2013.

Want to enter? With a stroke of luck, you can roll in this coterie if you play regularly. AELTC allows approximately 100 temporary members each year who are active players to participate in matches and use club facilities from time to time. If you find your way, you can rub shoulders with Tim Henman, Maria Sharapova, McEnroe or Federer!

You will find the All England Lawn Tennis Club at Church Road, London, SW19 5AG. The nearest station is Wimbledon Park.

A sport that offers an adrenaline rush with a full body workout in an inviting setting is sure to be popular. These seven sprawling places tennis courts in london are essential for all tennis players.

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