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A woman’s dog wanders through the poop near Scrapsgate Road Playgrounds on Sheppey after rubbish was left at the Travelers site


A woman says her dog got human faeces on its paws and ate a soiled wet wipe while walking near playgrounds used by travellers.

Miriam Parker, from Minster, Isle of Sheppey, said she was taking the beagle, Bert, across a path near the Scrapsgate Road playgrounds on Sunday morning when she came across the mess.

Miriam with her dog, Bert

At the time, the travelers camped in the fields were still there, two days after their departure deadline, which was Friday. On Monday, the group moved on to New Road Playgrounds, Sheerness.

The 63-year-old carer said the public pathways along the Scrapsgate Road playground were covered in used toilet paper and wet wipes covered in human poo, as well as soiled underwear and nappies.

While walking his dog, he got human feces on his paws and even ate a soiled wet wipe.

Miriam said yesterday: “It still hasn’t gotten through it, I’m afraid I’ll have to deal with vet bills if it’s not soon.

“I haven’t brought it back there since, I decided I couldn’t risk it. The sidewalks had been used as toilets.

Rubbish left on Scrapsgate Playgrounds
Rubbish left on Scrapsgate Playgrounds
Litter on playgrounds, on Sheppey
Litter on playgrounds, on Sheppey

“I wouldn’t even mind if they emptied their chemical toilets on the pitch because it would at least be dealt with. But it’s disgusting and dangerous.

“They were much better than the last time the Travelers were in the field, when there were freezers left in the ditch.

“So I was singing their praises at first, but now the state of the park is despicable.”

The mother-of-one said she was warning other dog walkers to stay away from the park until it was cleaned.

She said yesterday: ‘I went back and walked around after the caravans left but it still hadn’t been cleaned even though the council said they would urgently clean it.’

Caravans parked on Scrapsgate Road playgrounds
Caravans parked on Scrapsgate Road playgrounds
Trees were felled and left next to playgrounds
Trees were felled and left next to playgrounds

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said as of this morning the trail has been cleared meaning it is safe to use again and the gate is locked with a padlock.

But he said a clearing under the trees was still contaminated with toilet paper and other rubbish, and tree cuttings that had been thrown in the back path of the field were still there.

A Swale Borough Council spokesman said today: ‘We also went and picked up the rubbish left at Scrapsgate and will be back today to do another sweep of the area.’

The traveling party are now at the New Road, Sheerness playing grounds, meaning New Road FC, who use them, had to cancel their training sessions this week.

The council spokesperson said: ‘We issued a Section 77 notice yesterday at Festival Fields unauthorized encampment in Sheerness stating that they must leave by 5pm tomorrow (Friday) 2nd September.

“Once we leave, we will clear the site of all rubbish as quickly as possible so that New Road Football Club can resume training and play matches on the pitches.”

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