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Aaron Rodgers: Bears’ Justin Fields has’ star qualities’ in QB


When the Bears traded to select Justin Fields No. 11 in the 2021 NFL Draft, many touted his ability to become the franchise quarterback the team had desperately sought for decades. Expertise cited his big arm, his skills as a playmaker on the pitch and his incredible tenacity and tenacity. Now another QB superstar and bitter Bears rival is adding her voice to the chorus.

“I think he’s a really talented kid”, Aaron Rodgers said about Fields on the “Pat McAfee Show”. “You can obviously see he has a really good arm on him. He can really move around and expand plays and play outside of the pocket… He has a lot of star qualities with his presence and abilities.

Rodgers saw those abilities fully on display on Sunday Night Football, when Fields rebounded from a poor pick of six, to throw a perfect dart at Damiere Byrd for a 54-yard touchdown. Fields also posted some big gains with his feet, rushing nine times for 74 yards. While these are impressive feats for a rookie quarterback, Rodgers gave some advice on how Fields can improve further in 2022 and beyond.

“The most important thing for young players is to keep working on the little things, the little details,” said Rodgers. “Even as an older player, every year you go back to watch the movie from the previous year and try to work on one specific thing during training camp. I think that’s too much to ask: “I have to work on six different things to get better. Take a thing or two that you really want to work on in the offseason. It could be handling the ball, it could be footwork in the pocket, just little things to improve. And if you start stacking up years and years of trying to work on one, or maybe even two, specific things, you can truly become a star.

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