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Accrington tennis courts to get £50,000 makeover


TENNIS courts in a city park will get a £50,000 upgrade.

But game fees will be introduced.

The money needed to renovate the three courts at Accrington’s Oakhill Park on Manchester Road will come from the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA).

The Cabinet of Hyndburn Council agreed to accept the money.

The play fee will be £5 per hour or £25 for an annual family pass.

Other newly refurbished council-owned tennis courts at Peel Park in Accrington and Lowerfold Park in Great Harwood will remain free.

A report from the borough’s environmental officer, Steven Smithson, tells his senior colleagues: “There are three tennis court sites located in parklands in Hyndburn.

“There are tennis courts at Oakhill Park and Peel Park in Accrington and Lowerfold Park in Great Harwood.

“Over the past few years the tennis courts at Peel Park and Lowerfold Park have received investment.

“Oakhill Park is the largest tennis venue with three individual courts.

“Unfortunately the surface is uneven and the line markings have faded making for a poor tennis experience.

“Oakhill Park Courts have been questioned by the LTA and rated as poor.

“The offer is to invest £50,000 in the Oakhill Park tennis courts, which will entail renovating the surface, repainting lines and replacing some fencing.

“As the LTA Investment Program is designed to produce sustainable tennis courts, a condition of the funding is that the use of the courts at Oakhill Park becomes a revenue-generating leisure activity, with all derived revenue going into a sinking fund used to resurface the courts to keep them in good condition over the long term.

“The board must also ensure that the courts are swept, kept clean and that nets are installed to facilitate tennis.

“Oakhill Park tennis courts will be reserved through an online booking system which will provide a code for entry.

“The LTA will work with the board to provide coaching opportunities.

“The LTA’s proposed costs for the use of the refurbished Oakhill Park tennis courts are ‘pay as you play’ £5 per hour or £25 per year for households.”

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