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Allan Witt Community Park Tennis Court Resurfacing Project


Fairfield, Calif. (Monday, June 27, 2022) – On May 3, the City Council awarded a contract for the Allan Witt Community Park Tennis Court Resurfacing Project (Project) to First Serve Production, Inc. (First Serve) of Meadow Vista, California, in the amount of $349,620.72. Construction of the project is expected to begin June 27 and continue through the end of July. There are a few items, such as bins, futsal goals and windscreens, with long lead times which may need to be fitted once the majority of the work is complete. For public safety, the courts will be closed during the works. Players are encouraged to use the tennis courts at Cordelia Community Park during this time.

The project consists of resurfacing the existing playing surface and modernizing the fences and court benches. The project will renovate the four existing tennis courts in the north into stand-alone pickleball courts (total of 16), renovate three tennis courts into stand-alone tennis courts and renovate the remaining tennis court into a stand-alone futsal court. Construction is expected to be completed this summer.

Project timeline

June 27 – July 5

Pressure wash, clean weeds, remove benches, remove poles, remove windshields, dig pickleball holes, and fence and trim trees.

June 27 – July 2

Finberg Fencing will perform the fencing work.

from July 6 to 23

Resurfacing of a tennis court.

July 23 – July 26

Install pickleball posts and paint old tennis net posts and install locks.


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