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Allen Robinson: Justin Fields didn’t have first-team reps at camp, we’re still building chemistry


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A common criticism of Bears coach Matt Nagy was the decision to declare Andy Dalton the starting quarterback throughout the offseason, training camp, preseason and early regular season, which resulted in the rookie Justin Fields being thrown into the starting lineup without much work with the first string offense. bear receiver Allen Robinson seems to support this criticism.

Asked about his chemistry with Fields, Robinson said it was still building, and he noted the lack of reps in training camp as the reason for that.

“It’s something we continue to build on, again, continuing to have reps in training,” Robinson said Tuesday. “There weren’t a lot of shots we took in training camp. We just try to build on a lot of those things.

Fields became the starter in Week 3 because Dalton was injured and has remained the starter ever since. The results haven’t been good and the Bears have one of the worst offenses in the NFL. Maybe if Fields had had more work with the first string offense in training camp, he would be more advanced now.

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