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Apartments planned on Glasgow’s former tennis courts


Apartments planned on Glasgow’s former tennis courts

Kelvindale Bowling and Lawn Tennis Club and Abercromby Houses submitted plans to Glasgow City Council to construct a building that will fund more than £ 300,000 investment in a Glasgow West End sports club.

The two organizations submitted plans to develop 16 apartments on former tennis courts at the Baronald Drive site.

New tennis courts, two large and one mini, would be built on the scrubland at the northern end of the site. The club house would be enlarged and improved.

The residential building would face Kelvindale Road and would have four apartments per level, with each apartment occupying a corner. There would be 13 two-bedroom units and three three-bedroom units.

Vehicle access would be from the section of Kelvindale Road that runs north to south. Nineteen parking spaces would be provided, reGlasgow reports.

It was recommended that 20 trees be felled due to their poor health. Two more trees are to be felled for development. Thirty-three trees are to be planted.

A club statement, submitted with the bid, reads: “Our planned investment in the club is focused both on urgent repairs and maintenance and on creating a whole new tennis facility and club. -house renovated to not only support current members, but above all to attract new members. and other investments in the club.

“The club is not doing this to generate a profit, but to maintain a well-used community facility that has been financially depleted for many years due to declining membership and increasing repair and maintenance costs.

“All funds received will be reinvested in the club to ensure the benefit of future generations. There is a very real danger that if this proposal is not approved, the whole club will find itself in the short and medium term in a situation where it is cannot support the facility and clubhouse, even as a simple bowling green, and may have to close. “

A design document by architects Holmes miller said, “Funding for the development of the entire club site comes from the sale of the former tennis courts site for residential development. Only residential development of the proposed scale will create sufficient funding to fund the upgrade of the site as a whole.

“The clubhouse facility is tired and needs to be upgraded and modernized. An extension to the front is proposed to create an open contemporary cafe environment and increase the space for the main reception hall so that the reception hall is a more attractive rental location. In turn, this will improve the sustainability of the club.

“A new entrance vestibule is to be formed in this extended west elevation, realigning this access point and connecting the following rooms. This allows a number of facilities to operate independently, further enhancing the multifunctional aspect and attracting the club.

“The existing tennis courts are too small to play club matches and they are covered with red ash, which is not an acceptable modern playing surface.

“Replacing the courts with new facilities at their current location on the site would not be possible due to the necessary size requirements of the new courts and the width of this part of the site. In addition, the soil to the north of the club grounds is poor quality scrubland which is not included in the designation map for open spaces.

“The location of the new pitch at this location will position it close to the clubhouse and the site entrance, thus creating a welcoming environment around the clubhouse. “

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