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Apetit Oyj: extends its Baltic Sea commitment from fields to inland waterways

Apetit Plc, press release December 3, 2021 at 9:00 a.m.

Apetit is extending its Baltic Sea commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group in 2019. The commitment, which is currently being updated, will extend from fields to inland waterways, thus also covering development and expanding the use of local local fish in Apetit. product line.

“In practice, this means that the development of Apetit’s products will pay particular attention to the choice of fish that helps maintain the ecological balance of watercourses and the reduction of the nutrient load in watercourses. . At the same time, Apetit allows consumers to choose from a wide range of sustainable fish ”, says Sanna Väisänen, director of corporate communications and sustainable development at Apetit.

The use of local fish benefits waterways, as eutrophication is one of the main sources of damage to the well-being of our waterways. Eutrophication refers to the overgrowth of algae caused by an excess of nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which results in, for example, turbidity, lack of oxygen and a decrease in the diversity of living organisms. .

“We have invested a lot in local fish production, so it was a natural choice for us to extend the Baltic Sea Undertaking directly to waterways and local fish products. The positive effects will be reflected both in the Baltic Sea and inland. waters, ”says Väisänen.

Apetit’s family of local fish products grew out of a desire to use fish caught in Lake Pyhäjärvi in ​​Säkylä as part of the management of fish stocks. Today the product family includes freshwater fish sticks and fish cakes, Särkisen fish balls and Baltic Sea fish sticks made from herring caught in the Baltic Sea, which were launched this fall.

“We are delighted that Apetit has selected local fish caught in the Baltic Sea as the raw material for familiar everyday products. We hope that the local fish will continuously gain the appreciation it deserves on the dinner tables, ”says Michaela ramm schmidt, Managing Director of BSAG.

Focus on improving soil fertility

Appetit’s engagement has previously focused on generating information that can be used in contract cultivation of field vegetables, particularly with regard to improving soil fertility and carbon sequestration. These efforts are currently being implemented in ongoing projects at the Räpi de l’Apetit experimental farm.

“The objectives of the research projects include the production of information and practices to improve soil fertility and the management of water resources, as well as the development of carbon cultivation, in particular in the cultivation of field vegetables. », Explains Väisänen.

When training its contract growers, Apetit’s uses the e-college for regenerative agriculture, which was produced by BSAG with the help of a wide range of partners.

“We are eagerly awaiting the results of the Räpi experimental farm, because the scientific data on regenerative methods of vegetable gardening are still quite recent and therefore very interesting,” says Ramm-Schmidt.

Apetit will include the best growing practices identified in the research projects in its cultivation instructions for contract growers and provide all contract growers with training on cultivation methods that will improve soil fertility and carbon sequestration. These methods are used to improve the soil’s ability to absorb water, nutrients and carbon. One of the goals is to ensure that the soil retains nutrients and supplies them to plants as efficiently as possible while preventing nutrients from flowing into waterways.

For more information, please contact:

Apetit Plc: Sanna Väisänen, Director, Corporate Communications and Sustainability, tel. +358 10 402 4041

BSAG: Irina Niinivaara, Corporate Relations Manager, tel. +358 40 664 1625

Appetiteis a food industry company firmly rooted in Finnish primary production. Our operations are based on a unique and sustainable value chain: we create well-being with vegetables by offering tasty food solutions that make everyday life easier. We also produce high quality vegetable oils and rapeseed expellants for animal feed and market grains to international markets. Apetit Plc shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. In 2020, the Group’s sales amounted to € 293 million.

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