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Bear & Balanced: Field fights, re-signing of Hicks, Fields’ day, and more


Is it strange how excited I was to watch the Chicago Bears’ exhausted defense against Kirk Cousins ​​and Justin Jefferson? I just assumed it would be a train wreck, but I was really excited to see what the defensive coaches would come up with to help their high school. Sure, the Bears ended up losing, but if the performances of Robert Quinn, Akiem Hicks, and Thomas Graham Jr. didn’t at least put a smile on your face, then you might as well not watch the last three games.

The Bears are “mathematically” out of it, but they’ve been realistically irrelevant for weeks now. I’m just looking for young players to have an occasional impact. I want to see them evolve and learn from their mistakes. And if a few records can drop along the way, that’s just a bonus.

Jeff and I got back into the Bears vs Vikings game, and for us, speaking of a team that lost 8 of their last 9 games, we were surprisingly optimistic.

Here’s a look at our latest Bear & Balanced show.

  • Introduction: We start with some basic thoughts on the game before diving straight into our weekly categories.
  • Tribute to the trench: Our weekly lineman pick of the game once again puts us on attack / defense for our selections, but Jeff had a sense of where I was going after writing this; Rating of Bears rookie Teven Jenkins on his first start
  • Sweet tweets: We are both active on social media – so make sure you follow us all on @gridironborn & @wiltfongjr and we’re highlighting a Twitter / Tweet interaction every week. We sometimes have crossovers in this category and the next one, but we think fast and audible when needed!
  • Caught in a numbers game: This segment presents us with a number / statistic that caught our attention from the game.
  • The 3 bears: You know the story of the Three Bears, don’t you? In this porridge-themed part of the show, we give our choices for the hot, cold and fair of the match against the Vikings.
  • The field report: We end the show each week by spending time talking about Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields.

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For those of you who prefer to consume your Bears content in video format, we recorded the podcast on Tuesday night, and you can watch the show on JB & EJ Bears Over Beers YouTube Channel.

h / t to Robert Schmitz for producing the show!

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