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Bears barely pass, Justin Fields has just 28 attempts in two games

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There’s nothing more important to the Bears this year than quarterback development Justin Fieldsbut across two games, the Bears aren’t giving Fields many opportunities to show what he can do.

Fields has thrown just 28 passes this season, which is the last in the NFL and more: Fields actually ranks 33rd in the NFL, not 32nd, because every starting quarterback has thrown more passes than Fields, including including the two quarterbacks who started for the Cowboys. All other NFL teams have at least 28 achievements.

Usually, when teams don’t pass much, it’s because they’re protecting the tracks. But that’s not the case for the Bears, who have played from behind for most of this season: The Bears only had a lead for the final 12 minutes of their win over the 49ers in Week 1, and they only led five minutes in their loss to the Packers.

Fields threw 17 passes in Week 1 as the Bears played in the pouring rain, and it looked certain they would throw more in Week 2. Instead, they threw just 11 passes in week two. Maybe they’ll let Fields throw more in week three. No NFL team throws less.

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