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Rollerblading has taken over the country as if it were the 1970s again. This is especially true in Miami, with our swaying palm trees and blue skies – we have the perfect backdrop for a leisurely ride on small wheels. . If outdoor skating is your thing, you will find that the cool ocean breeze and the optimal sunset views at South Pointe Park make this a great spot. Honors include Lummus Park, where you can people watch as you skate, and Lot 11 Skate Park if you’re more adventurous. But when it comes to the best place to skate, the Super Wheels Skating Center takes the cake. The indoor rink is a landmark in Miami, having opened in 1987 under its old name, Hot Wheels Skating Center. Little has changed, the ice rink has retained its retro look. Think disco balls, colorful strobe lights, Memphis design carpet, and glow in the dark art on the walls. Super Wheels has fun with themed parties and events, as well as guest DJs like DJ Laz. If you’re into nostalgia, you won’t want to miss Adult Nights, which take place every Monday, when most ’70s and 80s hits dominate. Even if you didn’t grow up in Miami during this time, you may be able to escape to another era when skaters slipped onto the floor like Debbie Deb, Afrika Bambaataa, and Michael Jackson.

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