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1050 South Stockton Street NOTICE OF REQUEST FOR OFFERS

Sealed proposals will be received by the Procurement Officer, Lodi Finance Department, 310 West Elm Street, until 11 a.m. on Wednesday 03 November 2021. At that time, the proposals will be open to the public and read at Lodi Town Hall, 221 W. Pine Street, for the execution of the work described below.

The work involves renovating 5.5 acres of existing land in the park. The existing turf must be stripped and re-leveled for further improvements to the park. The work will also include the installation of a new 4-inch water service, a new electrical installation, the removal, replacement and installation of new concrete and chain link fences. Other new work will include reconstruction of (2) ball fields, new basketball court, sports field equipment, VFD irrigation booster pump, automatic irrigation system, hybrid turf Bermuda, hydro-seeded turf, underground utilities and other ancillary and related works, all as indicated in the project plans and specifications.

The Contractor will be required to use the Virtual Project Manager (VPM) online website for the duration of the project. The online account is free to the contractor and should be used for all quotes, inquiries, payroll requests, and other project related correspondence. See Section 6-04.04 “Online Project Management Software” of the Special Provisions for more information.

The contractor undertakes to begin the work within 15 calendar days of the signing of the contract by both parties and to complete the work within 100 calendar days. At the signing of the contract, the contractor agrees that the duration of the contract is reasonable.

According to Senate Bill 854, listed contractors and subcontractors must be registered with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) before submitting bids for any public works contract. Failure to comply will render the offers non-responsive. No contractor or subcontractor may be awarded a public works contract on a public works project unless he is registered with the DIR in accordance with article 1725.5 of the Labor Code.

In accordance with the provisions of Section 1770 of the Labor Code, the director of the California State Department of Industrial Relations determined general rates of wages and employer payments for health and welfare, retirement, vacation, travel and living time. pay in accordance with section 1773.8, apprenticeship or other training programs authorized by section 3093 and for similar purposes applicable to the work to be performed. These salaries are available online at The contractor and any subcontractor must pay each employee performing the trade or occupation at least the hourly rate of pay. Since the determination of the salary for each trade reflects an expiration date, it is the responsibility of the prime contractor and each subcontractor to ensure that the prevailing wage rates are up to date and paid to the employee. .

The contractor shall pay travel and living expenses to each worker necessary for the performance of the work, such as these travel and living expenses are defined in the applicable collective agreements in accordance with article 1773.8 of the Labor Code.

If a trade or classification used on the project is not indicated on the wage determination, the contractor may be required to pay the wage rate for that trade or the classification most related to it, as indicated. in general determinations.

The City of Lodi hereby notifies all bidders that it will ensure that in any contract entered into pursuant to this announcement, minority business enterprises have a full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and are not discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, sex or national origin in consideration of a price.

The City of Lodi hereby informs all bidders of the City’s Local Hiring and Apprenticeship Ordinance to strongly encourage local hiring and apprenticeship practices. The City requires that all bidders comply with the ordinance on projects estimated at more than $ 200,000; and reject offers that do not demonstrate a good faith local recruiting effort.

For all sums earned by the Contractor and retained by the City of Lodi to ensure the execution of the contract, the Contractor may, at the request and expense of the Contractor, substitute titles equivalent to the amount retained in the form and the manner and subject to the conditions set forth in Section 22300 of the State of California Public Contract Code.

The Contractor must submit copies of the payroll records.

The contractual documents can be downloaded free of charge from Registration on the site is free and compulsory to download documents. The companies that download the documents will automatically be added to the list of plan holders.

No offer will be considered if it is not submitted on a proposal form provided by the City of Lodi.

The municipal council reserves the right to reject all or part of the tenders and to waive any formality in filling out these forms, and to award to the lowest responsible tenderer.

The prime contractor on this project must have a State of California Class A contractor’s license.

The list of plan holders and the results of the call for tenders will be available on the website. The results of the tenders will be available four hours after the opening of the tenders.

By order of the municipal council

Jennifer cusmir

City Clerk

9 October 14, 2021-198524

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