Athletic fields

BPS to open playgrounds and sports fields to residents when schools are not in session | Local News


The second phase will focus on sports fields and facilities: All High Stadium, Riverside Stadium, MST Field, Grabiarz Field and Olmsted / Kensington Field, Keresztes said.

Community groups or leagues should apply to use them, and they’re subject to availability when BPS students aren’t training or playing, Keresztes said.

For the grounds, the times may be different, depending on the needs of the groups requesting to use them, said Andrew Rabb, the city’s deputy commissioner for parks and recreation. Reservations may have associated fees, possibly for security reasons.

Under the agreement, the city is not responsible for management, upkeep, maintenance, upgrades, replacements or repairs. The city will neither incur nor assume other expenses or obligations on the operational or other plan, according to the documents deposited with the communal council.

The school district is responsible for all preparation, signage, upgrades, maintenance, repairs, replacement, operations and management.

The city’s Parks and Recreation Division is working with BPS to install signage.

After the inspections, the playgrounds are expected to open in May or June, Rabb said.

The third phase of the project will include sports and recreational facilities which require extensive planning, design and construction. Some of the sites are undergoing redevelopment or renovation, such as Fosdick Field, and will be made available to the public over the next three to five years.

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