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Brandon Marshall on Bears’ Justin Fields: ‘This guy is next level’


Former Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall knows talent when he sees it and believes his ex-team got the quarterback they’ve been looking for for years.

“He’s a guy who can do anything,” Marshall told ESPN’s Max Kellerman on Friday’s episode of It’s just in. “He’s the modern-day quarterback. He can make every throw on the field. He can make every play with his legs, too. This guy is next level. He’s got the flair, he’s got the moxie for do it. I love the city of Chicago. The Chicago Bears have been waiting for a quarterback like this.”

Marshall, who played for the Bears from 2012-14, is no stranger to Fields. The young quarterback formed with Marshall last November at Marshall’s training facility in Weston, Florida, called the House of Athlete.

Marshall has seen Fields’ work ethic off the field, but thinks he can be one of the NFL’s top 10 quarterbacks if he studies more great quarterback plays behind the scenes.

“But the one thing with these young quarterbacks is this, understand that basically everything is done in the locker room,” Marshall said. “It’s all done in class. How you watch a movie. If he can master that process, if he can take a little bit of Tom Brady, if he can take a little bit of Peyton Manning, this guy can be a top 10 quarterback for the next two years.”

Fields didn’t have much help from his team during his rookie season and finished with seven passing touchdowns, two rushing touchdowns and 10 interceptions (the most in the NFC North). His total QBR was 26.4, which was the worst in the league.

Marshall thinks the bar should be set high for Fields this coming season, but the pressure of winning a championship shouldn’t be piled on the quarterback’s shoulders.

“I don’t think the wait should be the Super Bowl for him,” Marshall said. “I just want to see them (the Bears) better. I want to see them in every game this year.”

The Bears ranked third in the NFC North last season with a 6-11 record. Fields’ record as a starter was 2-8.

With recent picks made by general manager Ryan Poles in the 2022 NFL Draft — and Velus Jones Jr. as Fields’ locker mate — he may get the tools needed for a successful second year in Chicago.

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