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Canby High tennis courts are now open to the public outside of school hours


Canby City Council’s announcement last month that it was moving forward with plans to replace tennis courts in Maple Street Park, not with new tennis courts – as officials originally predicted – but by pickleball courts, left town, well, in a bit of a pickle.

The local tennis community, left without a reliable public option since the decaying Maple Street courts were pulled in 2019 to make way for the city’s new playground, is causing a stir.

While the courts at Canby High School were, in theory, open to the public whenever they were not needed by the Canby Cougar tennis team, in practice it was not actually the case.

The courts were locked when not in use by Canby Athletics to deter possible vandalism, and access required a formal request to district staff.

But everything has changed, high school officials said Canby’s Current this week. Principal Greg Dinse has confirmed that the courts are now unlocked and available for public use outside of school hours.

Canby City Councilor Chris Bangs, who is also a high school social studies teacher, praised administrators for opening up the facility to tennis players outside of the student body.

“It’s pretty cool that they did that,” Bangs said of Dinse, athletic director Ben Winegar and superintendent Aaron Downs. “I didn’t even have a chance to ask them to unlock the doors; they just agreed to do it after I investigated the procedures for an ordinary citizen to play tennis there.

“I think all three agreed that the decision to lock them up should be reconsidered. I am happy that the courts are open to everyone outside of school hours. “

For more information on usage and availability, call the school at 503-263-7200.

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