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Central Park Tennis Courts in San Mateo Open in June | Local news


The Central Park tennis courts will reopen in mid-June after completion of repairs to the court surface and renovation of the garage below in late May.

The tennis court repair is part of the city’s Central Park tennis court garage project, a renovation of the 132 underground parking spaces under the six roof-level tennis courts. Sheila Canzian, director of parks and recreation, said the six courts and surrounding locations will remain the same, except for the new pickleball lines. The six tennis courts are the only courts in town with a garage and require more maintenance than the others.

“Over the years, sitting on top of a garage, we have experienced more cracks on the courts than if they had been on normal ground. Just because of their location and sitting above the garage, they endured more maintenance than they would typically find on other courts, ”Canzian said.

The city has nine other tennis courts under its authority, with other high school court options available. San Mateo considered moving the downtown tennis courts along East Fifth Avenue to another location in 2015 while updating its master plan for Central Park before deciding not to move at that time. Canzian had not heard of any complaints about the temporary closure of the courts, but said opening them would create more tennis opportunities for the community.

“I can only say that I suspect our tennis players will be very excited,” she said.

City council initially awarded a $ 747,831 contract in August to Newton Construction and Management, Inc. for project improvements, and it has approved contract changes over the past year for additional repairs. The initial demolition process revealed several issues that required an amendment to the contract in November for $ 279,903 for additional maintenance. At its April 19 meeting, city council again approved additional funding for repairs to the project of $ 539,436, bringing the total new contract to about $ 1.56 million. Council also allocated $ 25,000 from the available balance of its parking fund and established a contingency reserve of $ 30,000.

The city said no original architectural drawings were available for the garage structure, resulting in a limited assessment of the project that only looked at the open and visible conditions. Additional study showed the need for repairs and additional costs once the process of demolishing the existing tennis court surface began. X-ray scans and analysis of the slope study showed cracks in the concrete deck and the need for additional concrete slab, steel reinforcement repairs and surface preparation which required the modification of the contract of $ 539,436 on April 19 to complete the work. The repairs would increase the life of the structure for 10 years and repair the parking and tennis structure.

A 2019 structural assessment identified the need to repair the structure of the garage, and renovation work on the underground parking garage began on October 1 with structural repairs and seismic shoring, as well as a full strip and resurfacing of the bridge of the tennis court. The city is installing a waterproof membrane over the concrete deck but below the surface of the tennis court to protect the steel frame damaged by rainwater.

Other repairs to the parking garage include new structural steel columns and beams installed at the entrance to the parking garage, a post, a raised slab and a concrete floor repair; remove existing exposed siding and repair cracks; and the application of a basecoat and binder for the new roof waterproofing system. The project is exempt from CEQA environmental restrictions, as the repairs involve negligible or no expansion of use.

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