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Chicago Bears’ Justin Fields leans on Cam Newton as mentor


A week off in the middle of the season means the Bears have had more time to sit down and think. For Justin Fields, the undisputed goose that lays the golden eggs for the Bears and everyone wants to talk about (as they should), that means touring the media more generously.

The rookie quarterback joined 670 The Score’s Parkins & Spiegel on Friday for an in-depth 2-on-1 interview. They brought up Fields’ training mentality, which he likes to emulate as a quarterback and NFL player, and even his thoughts on the Bears-Packers rivalry (or lack of rivalry).

Brandon Marshall is a player with whom Fields has been in regular contact with whom Bears fans will be intimately familiar. The former top receiver has a training facility in Florida that Fields has taken many opportunities to use. Knowing the Florida weather is also helpful when you are spending all your time in Columbus and now Chicago.

“To get out of this cold, get away from it all, and change the scenery. I had the chance to visit Athlete’s House, Brandon Marshall’s gymnasium. I got to meet him and had the opportunity to train there, so it was great.

Every quarterback who can run and show more overall athleticism than the occasional scramble will always be compared to Michael Vick. The famous double threat has set the table for many young quarterbacks to come after his electric profile. Justin Fields was one of them.

It’s never a bad idea to ask a legend for advice.

“I remember I was eight with his crampons, I must have had his crampons when I was younger. He’s one of the most electric players I’ve seen playing in my life, so I talk to him every now and then. It’s always nice to hear from him and the advice he gives me.

Speaking of the double-threat quarterbacks Fields wants to emulate, Cam Newton could be an even better example. A former MVP who came so close to bringing a super bowl to the Carolina Panthers, the 6-foot-5, 245-pound Newton was known to gallop like the wind with the size of a linebacker while blasting darts deep into the field.

There are far worse players for another monster athlete like Fields to push and understand as much as he can. It’s a vital relationship for Fields as his career takes off.

“I’ve known Cam since my first year of high school. He called me last week or the week before, and we had a little chat. Whenever I need advice, I’m always able to reach out to Cam, and he’s always ready to talk.

As for the immediate and long-term goals for this career, Fields has set his sights on the Packers. The 22-year-old first got a taste of the Bears-Packers when Green Bay beat Chicago 24-14 in early October. Green Bay has, of course, taken full control of this once much revered rivalry over the past three decades or so.

Fields intends to return Bears-Packers in favor of the Bears. Definitely music to everyone at Halas Hall and anyone with a tangential connection to the Northeast Illinois Corridor.

“Just know that it will be back on our side very soon – sooner rather than later, for sure. “

You can listen to all audio from Fields interview here.

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