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China bans tattoos on soccer fields


Home »Sport» China bans tattoos on soccer fields on December 30, 2021

For several months and without fear of ridicule, Beijing has been intensifying its censorship to put an end to trends deemed vulgar and to regain control over Chinese youth.

It is not good to put a little ink on the skin in Xi Jinping’s country. Now, that may even deprive you of a national selection. The Chinese Ministry of Sports has indeed decided to ban tattoos to its footballers. And for those who are unlucky enough to have them, they will need … “to take off”. For several years, the ministry has forced the players of the selection to cover their famous designs during training and competitions. “In special circumstances” and goes so far as to ban the recruitment of any tattooed athlete. As if the level of the national team weren’t already low enough – they are behind the Sultanate of Oman in the 2022 World Cup qualifying pool…

The Chinese power intends to put an end to trends considered vulgar. But for Beijing, the tattoo has become a symbol of Western moral decay. Feeling threatened by any element foreign to its ideological doxa, the Communist Party has been tightening the screw for several months to regain control of its youth and impose its patriotic and virile values.

Hide this Beckham that I can’t see

And he’s not afraid of ridicule. England footballer David Beckham’s tattooed body parts were grossly blurred during the airing of his documentary last year David Beckham into the unknown on Chinese public television. And a women’s college football game was called off after the players were banned from dyeing their hair. The world of sport is of course not the only one to be affected. Two years ago on iQiyi, the Chinese Netflix, some actors’ earrings were also blurred. The hashtag #MaleTVStarsCantWearEarrings was then used more than 88,000 times on the Weibo social network where many Internet users express their outrage at the censorship, according to the BBC.

If hip-hop culture and LGBT symbols are already banned in the country, the Chinese audiovisual regulator recently gave a layer by calling for the establishment of beauty criteria “Correct” and banish men “Effeminate” and the “Vulgar influencers”. Small screen, music, social networks, video games… Everything goes. Same Animal crossing, a game little known for its subversive nature, was banned for sale after activists in Hong Kong hijacked it for political purposes. According to Lianhe Zaobao, Singapore’s Chinese-language daily, Beijing Municipal Propaganda Department, held training sessions for online game operators in September to update them on the latest censorship demands. Exit the effeminate characters, the assassins, the big arms, the pirates, those who smoke, drink alcohol, go to pubs or wear tattoos… What will be left for the Chinese players? Adibou, Maybe…

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