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Chinese Yangling lets ‘agricultural technology flowers’ bloom in ‘SCO fields’, outlines new plan for international agricultural cooperation


This year is the third year since President Xi Jinping proposed the initiative to establish the SCO Demonstration Base for Agricultural Technology Training and Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the “SCO Agricultural Base”). Over the past three years, Yangling has based its efforts on its basic functional positioning of “exchange, training and demonstration” to explore new models and mechanisms of exchange and training in the field of agriculture. In addition, it has strived to establish a multi-level international cooperation platform that integrates a wide range of fields, including technology exchange, talent training, demonstration and promotion of best practices. , international trade, cross-border e-commerce, financial services and people-to-people exchanges, depicting a new model of international agricultural cooperation, which “focuses on Chinareaches out to SCO member states, connects neighboring countries and benefits the world”.

Over the past three years, Yangling has successfully organized more than 20 bilateral and multilateral exchange events, established 16 SCO agricultural technology training bases, and set up 13 international scientific research and agricultural cooperation platforms. innovation and eight international cooperation parks, with 73 batches of 194 experts. having been sent to this district. Additionally, the improved wheat varieties and support cultivation techniques selected by the demonstration parks have been translated into approximately 16,667 hectares (250,000 mu) of demonstration fields overseas. Meanwhile, Yangling is committed to establishing partnerships with other countries in multiple fields, such as settlement agriculture, water-saving irrigation, flower and seedling planting, as well as farming technology and management. With the SCO agricultural base as a platform, Yangling’s agricultural technologies have been adopted and resulted in good harvests in SCO-related countries.


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