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Chula Excellence Cancer Center collaborates with medical specialists from various fields to improve treatment capabilities


Chula now has a center of excellence Chulalongkorn Comprehensive Cancer Center bringing together medical specialists from various fields of expertise to care for cancer patients using the latest academic and technological know-how to improve the quality of life and the possibilities of recovery for patients of all types of cancer.

With approximately 80,000 victims each year, cancer is the leading cause of death in Thailand. It is also possible that this trend will continue in the future since statistics show an increase of approximately 200,000 new patients each year. Cancer affects people of all ages, from children to working people and the elderly.

When diagnosed with cancer, many patients typically lose hope and are plagued by a sense of hopelessness. Their main concerns are whether or not there will be an effective treatment, possible side effects, and how they might find the funds to pay for their treatment. Excellence Chulalongkorn Comprehensive Cancer Center at Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Thai Red Crosshopes to allay these worries and bring one of these answers to these patients.

“Due to the complicated nature of the disease, cancer is very difficult to treat and requires the collaboration of doctors from various fields of specialization. Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital has therefore established a comprehensive cancer center that brings together these specialists to work together for the benefit of our patients. Associate Professor Dr. Virote Sriuranpong, MD Director of Excellence Chulalongkorn Comprehensive Cancer Center at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society explained the concept behind the establishment of the center seven years ago. The number of patients receiving treatment here has also increased every year.

Comprehensive management of cancer treatment

To ensure patients receive the most comprehensive and effective treatment, Assoc. Professor Dr. Virote tells us that interprofessional specialists come to work together applying state-of-the-art technology that meets international standards of treatment, including Robotic surgery, MRI, and the first proton irradiation machine in Southeast Asia which provides precise targeting of cancer and reduces the spread of radiation to other organs, thereby reducing the side effects of radiation therapy.

The center also provides care to its patients in other ways, such as counseling from the beginning to the end of cancer treatment, promoting health and well-being during treatment or monitoring the condition. of the patient after treatment. It also pays attention to issues related to access to health care to enable patients to benefit from treatment without being burdened by the cost of treatment.

Cancer drug research gives hope to patients

According to Assoc. Teacher. Dr. Virote, there are currently 3 types of drugs, each of which has different effects on cancer patients:

  1. Chemotherapy helps relieve symptoms, shrinking cancerous cells at moderate costs. They are also moderately effective but can cause significant side effects.
  2. Targeted therapy is effective in treating specific targets. The drug works specifically to stop the cancer mutation and is particularly effective in patients whose mutation matches the therapy. The side effects are not as bad as what happens in chemotherapy.
  3. And the third type that gets a lot of attention and gives cancer patients a lot of hope is immunotherapy which succeeds in unlocking hidden cancer cells to allow the immune system to eliminate them. The treatment does not apply to specific types of cancer, and patients usually report only mild side effects.

“At present, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital and our Center of Excellence are working on research to develop immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer. We focus on three methods: T cell therapy, cancer vaccines and antibody therapy, each with their strengths. They can be used together or with other cancer treatments to improve effectiveness. We are now at the stage of researching the treatment with cancer patients so that we can test it on a larger scale,” Assoc explained. Prof. Dr. Virote.

Towards Excellence in Cancer Treatment

In addition to service and care for cancer patients, the Excellence Chulalongkorn Comprehensive Cancer Center also offers a graduate program in integrated oncology become an international training center.

Another crucial role of the center is to the field of research for the development of innovations and sophisticated technologies in the diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and predictions of patient responses to treatment. These will help to improve the quality of treatment and care and will allow our cancer research to be accepted internationally.

“The center also provides genetic testing for cancer using state-of-the-art technology. We have established records to determine the number of patients with cancer of all types to be better prepared for the appropriate treatment that may be needed in the future,” Assoc. Teacher. Dr.Virote further added.

The Excellence Chulalongkorn Comprehensive Cancer Center has already signed an agreement with MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the world’s leading cancer treatment institutes based in Houston, Texas. This will result in an exchange of knowledge and information between the two institutions through academic conferences on medical research and health services. The center will also work with the Ministry of Public Health to develop a “cancer patient database” in each hospital to provide more efficient services.

Finally, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Virote’s advice to cancer patients is that they take good care of themselves, especially nutritionally. Keep a good appetite and be sure to eat the type of food the body needs. Consult a specialist who has access to the best equipment to treat various forms of this disease, because “complete cancer treatment helps to increase the chances of curing the disease”.

For more information or questions about cancer treatment at Excellence Chulalongkorn Cancer Center, call +66-2256-4530 or Line ID @ChulaCancer.

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