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Citizen Survey Results: Sports Fields and Amphitheater Wanted in Dunwoody’s Brook Run Park


Dunwoody residents want trails and trails, improved parks, an open pavilion for concerts and performances, outdoor athletic fields and a performing arts center, according to citizen survey results seeking feedback on the city’s parks and recreation offerings.

The 2013 inauguration of the Brook Run Trail drew crowds.

A survey was mailed to 3,000 random residents in March with 661 responses returned to the city, according to Colorado-based RRC Associates, who conducted the investigation. An online survey was also open to the public from March 17 to April 18 and garnered 962 responses, for a total of 1,623 responses to the survey.

The results of the survey include:

–39% of respondents said paths and trails were a top priority.

–33% of respondents said they wanted improved facilities in the park.

–29% said they wanted an open pavilion for concerts and performances.

–26 percent said they wanted a theater / performing arts center.

–83 percent said they wanted community events.

-62 percent said they wanted wellness programs.

In the open comments on Brook Run Park, respondents put sports fields (baseball and soccer) as a top priority, followed by the addition of an amphitheater or pavilion for concerts.

“Interviewees most often suggested that the top priority for new or upgrades to existing equipment at Brook Run Park was athletic fields, including baseball and football fields, and adding a amphitheater / pavilion for concerts and shows ”, indicates the survey.

“Interviewees said adding and maintaining bathrooms and connecting and expanding trails in Brook Run Park were also priorities. Respondents also indicated that they were in favor of more lighting and parking, and the addition of a recreation center / indoor complex for activities, ”according to the survey.

The question of whether or not to save the shuttered building at Brook Run Park and turn it into a theater or community center has sparked many negative reactions to the use of municipal tax money to do so.

And when it comes to funding new parks and recreation facilities and other improvements, 47% of those polled said they would “probably” or “definitely” support a referendum on bonds.

A new dedicated sales tax garnered support from 44% of respondents, followed by 33% in favor of a general property tax and 25% in favor of a new dedicated property tax.

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