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City council hears the price of tennis courts | Local News

The city faces a price of $ 240,000 to repair the tennis courts in Frank Lorino Park.

Morristown City Council discussed the issue Tuesday on a working agenda.

Morristown Mayor Gary Chesney said the initial offer was $ 265,000, but engineers were able to reduce it to $ 240,000.

“I think we’re going to look for resources to help pay for this,” he said.

City officials have said they hope to start construction by spring when the weather turns favorable. Chesney said he was not sure, at this point, if that would still be the case.

“I hope we will do it before the start of spring,” he said.

The tennis courts at Frank Lorino Park have been the subject of controversy over the summer when planners were unable to say for sure whether further road improvements on Thompson Creek Road would cross the park or no. Road improvements may have affected the tennis courts.

City officials returned a few months ago with plans for the new road that would not use park land. But, the question remained to know what to do with the courts, which are in bad shape.

The courts are the only ones in the county that both high schools use for high school tennis tournaments.

Some city council members suggested building new courts, but that plan was put on hold in favor of short-term repairs.

Chesney said the city had contingency money, but not the full amount to pay for repairs. He said the city could speak to other parties, including the Hamblen County school system, Walters State Community College and the Hamblen County government.

There was no vote on the share.

City Council also approved 5-0 the closure of Peavine Alley over the Christmas holiday season.

The driveway was recently closed until October for a pumpkin patch. The popularity of this event led downtown Morristown to consider another event.

“The pumpkin patch has been very successful,” Chesney said.

The aisle will be closed from November 22 to December 31.

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