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City to Add Tennis Courts and Parking to Freeman Lake Park | Local News


Freeman Lake Park in Elizabethtown will soon receive further upgrades as part of a plan to continually improve city amenities, according to a city official.

The south end of the park, closest to the dam, is due for a facelift, said Amy Inman, public information officer for Elizabethtown.

“We have begun the process of developing a project plan,” she said, referring to a city ordinance approved by Elizabethtown City Council on Monday night at the regular council meeting. “We are only at the very beginning. We are delighted with this.

According to the ordinance, the city will contract with CMW Inc. for professional design services for projects at the park. The cost of design and engineering specifications must not exceed $60,000.

During an interview Tuesday at the park, Inman said the project involves a varied scope of work to include additional parking near the existing tennis courts, trail improvements and the construction of a new pavilion, additional restrooms and additional tennis courts.

“We’re going to do grading everywhere here,” she said, pointing to an undeveloped lot behind the tennis courts. “We’re going to do trail work in this project.”

The restrooms are to be added near the existing Lions Club pavilion, which will be replaced as part of the project, Inman said.

“If you go off trails, the closest restrooms are at the park office,” she said.

While the number of tennis courts built based on the design plan remains to be determined, Inman said the tennis community has expressed a need for more in the park.

“We’ve heard a lot about our tennis community and we’ve heard a lot about our pickleball community,” she said. “It’s a very, very active community.”

The plan could also include a pollinator garden with wildflowers and sunflowers that would not only benefit the aesthetics of the park, but bees and butterflies as well, Inman said.

“We love pollinators,” she said. “We love bugs and bugs.”

Inman said the city continues to improve city amenities, including its park system, given the potential for growth in the area in the coming years.

“Our parks have never been so busy according to [Parks and Recreation Director] Seth Breitner,” she said. “There are always people playing tennis, there are always courts. The courts are always full. The trails are a huge asset, not only in our parks, but throughout the city.

The project was part of the council’s budget planning held in May and construction is expected to begin in that budget cycle, Inman said.

Council approved an amended comprehensive plan that allows for more high-density housing due to expected growth over the next decade.

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