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Collège Medaille sues sulfuric acid plant for emissions near its sports fields | Education

The DEC issued a temporary cease and desist letter on Friday demanding that PVS shut down its Lee Street operations unless and until it can reduce its sulfur dioxide emissions below “guideline exposure levels. acute “.

Company officials responded in a statement to media that a shutdown was not warranted and that the plant has been handling sulfuric acid safely for 40 years.

The company said it will “tone down operations while we work with DEC through the courts to remedy this situation.”

The factory employs 49 workers. It manufactures ultra-pure sulfuric acid used in the production of semiconductors.

The sports complex opened in 2019 in an industrial area in the city’s Seneca Babcock district. It includes synthetic turf fields for soccer and lacrosse, bleachers for 500 spectators and a 20,000 square foot athletics building with changing rooms, training facilities, offices and classrooms. The college is also planning to add a second phase that includes baseball and softball fields and a multi-purpose field.

College officials had considered leasing land when Medaille teams weren’t using it, and they planned to use that income to pay off debt service on the land.

The college has already lost a $ 560,000 contract with a youth football organization that withdrew from a tentative deal amid parents’ concerns about high sulfur dioxide emissions, court documents show.

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