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County opens new pickleball and tennis courts | New

Oconee County Parks and Recreation has offered indoor pickleball for years, but people haven’t always had a chance to play due to court reservations for basketball, badminton and other activities. .

“It was time to give pickleball its own space for people to enjoy,” said Lisa Davol, Oconee County Parks and Recreation Director.

Earlier this fall, Herman C. Michael Park unveiled two outdoor pickleball courts and two new youth tennis courts.

The two dedicated youth tennis courts are scheduled by Tennis for Life, and the pickleball courts are first come, first served. When others are waiting, play is encouraged to be limited to 11 points or 30 minutes, whichever is shorter. Chalk, tape or any other type of marking on the courts is prohibited.

Private instruction is not permitted on the courts. To reserve a court and pay the reservation fee, contact (706) 769-3965, option 4.

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the country. Rackets are smaller than tennis rackets and larger than table tennis rackets.

When pickleball was invented in 1965, pickleball paddles were made of wood. In today’s game, they’re made from composite materials, including aluminum and graphite, according to USA Pickleball.

The height of the pickleball net is 36 inches, which is a bit shorter than the tennis net (42 inches). The ball has holes in it, so it doesn’t bounce as much as a tennis ball.

Davol said the long-term plan for Parks and Recreation is to build additional pickleball courts.

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