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Current new KC president brings expertise from other areas to the field


KANSAS CITY, Kan. – It’s been a fascinating career journey for Kansas City’s new current president, Allison Howard.

A graduate of Dayton, Howard began her professional civil engineering career working with Shell plc and a small construction company that went bankrupt while Howard was on her honeymoon.

After interviews in fashion and banking, Howard eventually landed at Premier Partnerships as a sales manager working primarily with NBA and MLS teams in naming rights sponsorships and valuations.

“I made the most of all those opportunities and that’s actually what got me a job with the Lakers.”

An NBA executive called Howard to handle sales for the Los Angeles Lakers. Howard spent ten years with the Lakers, including the last five as Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, where she helped secure the Lakers’ most successful partnerships and led the company’s corporate partnership strategy. organization that surpassed $250 million in revenue. Now she is looking to do even more with the flow.

“Each sports league, male and female, can and will want to come and talk to us and say How did you do this? How did you have so much success? How did you privately finance your own training center and your own stadium?

Howard said she looked at how Jerry Buss built the Lakers and the NBA and watched current owners Angie and Chris Long and Brittany Mahomes do the same with the Current and the NWSL.

“That’s where I see Angie, Chris and Brittany being really, extremely educational with this league.”

As the Current’s first president, Howard said she would let head coach Matt Potter and general manager Camille Ashton handle the playing side of the operation and focus on her “sweet spot”: the income generation.

“I love creating partnerships that work for everyone, that are new and different. My main focus right now…to sit down with everyone in the department and try to learn from them and hear from them.

“We want to be on the market very, very quickly.”

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