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Darnell Mooney, Cole Kmet and Justin Fields Show Off Their Playing Ability in Practice: Find Out What Happened


Kmet drew a similar reaction from the crowd when he landed a through ball.

“It’s a pitch we’ve been working on a lot this offseason,” Kmet said. “So it was pretty cool to execute that today on the pitch. I knew exactly where he was going to throw that, and with the influence I had on the guy, it was really cool to see. We’re going definitely build on that.”

Prior to the start of the Bears’ offseason program in April, Fields hosted Mooney and Kmet in Atlanta, where they worked together, developing a closer bond on and off the court.

“I think it’s a big deal,” Kmet said. “That’s the pitch we end up on every time we’re in these practices, the roads versus the aerial type stuff. It was really cool to hit that in a practice setting. Obviously we’re going to want to progress and keep going. with that.”

With Fields operating the No. 1 offense since offseason practices began, Mooney, Kmet and the rest of the starting unit were able to build chemistry with the young quarterback. That wasn’t the case last year, however, when Fields took second-team reps behind veteran Andy Dalton.

“A throw like today that happened in the middle, that didn’t happen last year,” Kmet said. “We worked with another quarterback the whole offseason and Justin came in. It’s hard for guys to get a rhythm and go for it. It’s hard. But now we’ve had a Complete offseason with a guy, and you can really build on things and kind of try some things.

“With a quarterback, the more time you spend with them and feel on the roads, the better off you’ll be. It’s just more time to grow with him, and we will continue to grow through this. training camp.”

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