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Don’t Sacrifice Rand Park Tennis Courts for Skateboarding (Letter to the Editor)


A rendering of the eight skateable sculptures that would be installed at Rand Park as part of a temporary skate park expansion plan. ESSEX COURTESY PAD

I am writing to express my concerns regarding the future of the Rand Park tennis courts.

My wife and I regularly play tennis on the tennis courts across from Rand School. Two of the four courts have already been converted into a skateboard park and we understand that the township is considering converting the two remaining tennis courts to expand the skateboard park.

We hope that the municipality will reconsider. These tennis courts are the only public courts in our part of town and are a valuable recreational option for a large portion of area residents.

While I’m not opposed to the skateboard park, I think the city should preserve the remaining tennis courts or mitigate the expansion of the skateboard park by building new courts nearby to preserve tennis as an option recreation in our part of town.

It’s not about which activity is the most popular. We need more, not less, recreational options to improve the health and well-being of Montclair residents.

Kevin Miller

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