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Earth Conservancy sports grounds damaged by vehicles


HANOVER TWP. – A sports field used by the Hanover Area Youth Soccer Club has been vandalized by off-roaders, said Terry Ostrowski, CEO and president of Earth Conservancy.

“We were informed by a local resident and we saw social media posts of the vandalism,” Ostrowski said.

The vandalism occurred on Sunday afternoon.

“They really did a lot of damage, making the pitch unusable for the kids for the rest of the season or at least until October, when we brought our landscaper over there and let the grass grow,” said Ostrowski.

The photos showed deep tire ruts throughout the field at the upper end of Earth Conservancy Drive.

Ostrowski said a report had been filed with the Hanover township police.

The Canton of Hanover Recreation Complex, known as the Lower Fields on Earth Conservancy Drive, and the fields used by the Hanover area mini-hawks were not damaged.

A road barrier that separates the township recreation complex and the Earth Conservancy athletic fields was not forced, leading Ostrowski to believe officials had accessed from a dirt road off Freed Street at Sugar Notch.

Late Sunday, a pickup truck towing two all-terrain vehicles was seen moving south on Main Street in Sugar Notch.

This is not the first time that acts of vandalism have occurred on the sports grounds of Earth Conservancy.

The same type of vandalism happened about five years ago with all-terrain vehicles and a Job-Johnny was set on fire.

“We have already spoken to our landscaper to repair the fields, but we are also considering placing more barricades and barriers to prevent four-wheel drive vehicles from accessing the fields,” Ostrowski said.

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