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East Lansing Trojans benefit from new tennis courts

EAST LANSING, Mich. (WILX) — It’s summer of new playgrounds for schools in central Michigan, including East Lansing.

While their football team waits to host a match on their new surface, the tennis team has eight new courts.

“It’s exciting. Yeah, I mean, it’s just that I think it brings more life to the team and it just brings a layer of excitement for them just for something new, isn’t it? right?” said head coach Cody Cross.

There is perhaps nothing that motivates a player more than new equipment.

The same goes for tennis courts, a new addition to the East Lansing athletic campus.

“Everyone was really excited. I mean, I was wondering if we would do them before the start of the season,” said senior captain Lucas Wade. “Luckily they were and we were able to train a few weeks before that.”

Like everything, the courts of East Lansing had aged.

“They just needed, you know, repairs the last few years and they did it,” Cross said. “But then you can only fix the cracks so many times before it’s time to fix them all together.”

“For the past three years, we haven’t had the best pitches. So to have some really cool new ones,” Wade said

With the courts, the Trojans will have a solid playing surface for years to come.

“It’s a post-tension material,” Cross said, “so it’s a bit more advanced. They last longer and with new pitches you get a fresh surface. So the ball just plays a bit slower .

And the choice of colors was not hard at all: Blue and Gray

“The girls’ coach and I spoke with the DA a bit and we all agreed the gray and blue looked good and goes with it what.”

Cross sees the new courts as a gift to his team who have worked hard year after year.

“I think we’re lucky this year,” Cross said. “It’s a really hard working group of guys. Over the past two weeks, they’ve all put in a very good effort, and I’m happy with that.

Wade says they’re also more motivated now.

“Yeah, I guess the new courts kind of symbolize our way of being as a team. I mean, we have to play hard… it’s still the same game, just a better surface, a better ground to play on, you know? »

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