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GCC offers micro-degrees in seven career fields

Today’s competitive workforce is constantly changing. The introduction of new systems, products and services and the desire to improve efficiency in an ever-changing marketplace require employers to assess, update and realign their teams to better meet the changing demands of their industry. To help employees develop their skills and keep pace, Genesee Community College is excited to offer enrollment in its Business and Commerce Micro-Certifications programs available this fall semester, which begins September 6. 2022.

Micro-degrees are academic programs, similar to degree programs, that have been drastically reduced to just 9-15 credit hours that include only core courses relevant to specific skills, training, and knowledge in this discipline. Designed to be earned in just one semester, a microloan is the perfect way to build a resume to take advantage of career advancement opportunities, get started in a new industry, or even explore a career path without the hassle. commitment of a costly. or a four-year degree that takes time.

GCC’s Micro-Credential programs provide students with a high-quality education in a short amount of time and at a limited cost – just tuition plus books and course-related fees. The business and commerce micro-degree programs available for enrollment in the Fall 2022 semester are:

  • The Human Resources Management Micro Loan focuses on human resources, including legal compliance, diversity and inclusion, succession planning, recruitment, retention, and more!
  • The Event Management Micro Loan offers value to anyone who wants to start a career in event planning, advance their career, or change careers and enter the event planning field.
  • The Professional Sales Micro-Certificate provides promising and seasoned sales professionals in all industry sectors with a set of skills that start and actively advance professional careers in sales.
  • Entrepreneurship Microcredit is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in starting and operating new businesses. Micro-certificate holders will be able to identify new business opportunities, research markets, understand costs, set prices, and launch a new business or help an existing business expand its product lines /services. Understanding entrepreneurship will empower employees to grow their personal wealth or build their career as a key leader of an existing organization.
  • The Supply Chain Management Microcredit is designed to provide individuals with a broad understanding of core functions and coordination of areas ranging from purchasing, inventory control, warehouse management, operations, production and transportation.
  • The Medical Office Assistant Micro-Certificate is designed to provide students with a solid foundation for the medical office environment, focusing on developing a solid foundation of terminology, forms and billing, and office procedures medical.
  • The Accounting Fundamentals micro credential is designed to teach individuals introductory finance, management, and income tax skills, with an emphasis on the use of computer technology for business applications. accountants.

“Although none of us can predict the changes that will affect our industry, our organization or our jobs, the best way to ‘future-proof’ our careers is to constantly sharpen our skills and expand our capabilities. For example , the GCC HRM Micro-Certificate could prove invaluable for people working in a management capacity as it includes topics such as how to build strong teams, how to motivate employees, how to think creatively and solve difficult problems in the workplace, and more. I encourage you to take a moment and explore our offerings. We’d love to help you build your future!” said Dr. Lina LaMattina, Director of Business Programs.

The online learning component of micro-certificates is another way the programs enable student success, especially for those who may be juggling family responsibilities, healthcare needs, transportation issues, or jobs. Upon completion of a micro-degree program, students receive an official college transcript that documents their academic credits as well as a specific digital badge that highlights the core skills and competencies that employers are looking for on the job. CVs, LinkedIn pages and other social media channels. The digital badge, representing the obtained micro-credentials, distinguishes a GCC candidate from others.

Additionally, micro-degrees earned earn SUNY college credits that are transferable and can be applied to other college degrees in the future, including:

  • GCC Associated Diplomas and Certificates
  • SUNY Programs at SUNY Pathways and Seamless Transfer
  • The many (200+) GCC transfer agreements with baccalaureate institutions
  • Most colleges and universities nationwide

Tuition assistance is available through SUNY’s Reimagine Workforce Grant. For eligibility criteria, please contact Tish Williams, Project Coordinator, Stay Near, Go Far, Reimagine Workforce Grant at [email protected], 585-343-0055 ext. 6318. Stay Near, Go Far is funded by a New York State Department of Labor subgrant through a U.S. Education Stabilization Fund Reimagine Workforce Preparation Grant, administered by SUNY RF.

For more information on GCC’s Commercial and Commercial Micro-Certifications, please contact Dr. Lina LaMattina, Director of Commercial Programs at [email protected], 585-343-0055 ext. 6319.

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