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Germantown Board of Directors votes to acquire land for new park and sports fields


Germantown’s mayor’s council and aldermen voted on Monday to approve the agreement to buy and sell approximately 44 acres of land, taking the first step towards a new park and recreational sports fields.

The board of directors voted 3-2 to acquire the land on Crestwyn Hills Drive in order to advance the park acquisition recommendations in the overall Germantown Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Alderman Dean Massey proposed to postpone the vote to 2021 so the new aldermen could decide, but the proposal was not passed. Massey and Alderman Scott Sanders voted against the deal.

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“We are grateful for the support of the Board of Directors of the Park Acquisition Option Agreement, thus enabling the first steps towards launching our comprehensive park master plan,” said Mayor Mike Palazzolo.

The approval pays title insurance company Forest Hill Associates $ 10,000 and initiates Germantown’s due diligence inspection process.

The board will vote in early 2021 on which vendors to do field testing and assessment to determine if they meet all the criteria. If the surveyors determine the land unsuitable for the new park, the city can terminate the agreement and receive a full refund.

The Germantown Parks and Recreation Commission looked at other sites, but in January recommended buying the South Germantown land.

The board will review the final purchase of $ 2.31 million during the 2022 budget approval process.

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The master plan was created to assess and improve residents’ needs for parks and recreation. The plan guides the future of the parks from 2018 to 2038.

“The land in our city is extremely limited, we certainly need to do our due diligence,” Alderman Rocky Janda said. “I want to stress that this is only one of the first steps in the realization of our 2018 master plan for parks and recreation.”

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