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Germany needs foreign workers in these fields to cope with the shortage of jobs


Science, engineering and health care are the main areas where skilled workers are needed in Germany, with recruitment difficulties occurring in the different sectors depending also on the level of qualification.

According to the federal government’s website, the demand for skilled workers depends on three categories of workers required; qualified professionals who have completed at least two years of professional training or a similar qualification; specialists who are workers with craftsman or technician training and experts with a four-year university education, reports.

From the first group; those with at least two years of professional training, the following professions are required:

  • Underground works
  • Maintenance and installation of electrical circuits
  • Sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology
  • Construction of canals and tunnels
  • Elder care
  • Well construction

In addition, specialists, indicating those with technician or craftsman training or a similar qualification, are needed for professions such as supervision of underground works, plumbing, sanitary, heating and air conditioning. Specialists in tax advice, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy are also sought.

According to experts, all graduates of a four-year university program in the following fields could be invited to find a job in Germany:

  • Doctors specializing in internal medicine
  • Software development careers
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors specializing in anesthesiology
  • Supervision, emergency medical services, management, nursing
  • Pharmacists

The chances of engaging in an internship in Germany have increased with the country’s ever-growing economy. There were a total of 63,176 vacancies in 2021, compared to 37,101 in 2014. Vocational training courses in the country are open to EU nationals, as well as people from the EU. These are good chances to enter the German labor market.

A recent study reveals that the shortage of skilled labor is mainly seen in the craft and technical trades, while an increase in the logistics sector and a strong demand for IT are evident.

According to a survey, skilled workers in construction and skilled trades, with a total of 349,275 jobs available, and technical specialists (282,941 jobs), are in demand in the German labor market. In previous years, these two groups accounted for 36.6% of jobs posted and assessed in July 2022.

In addition, sales and distribution specialists, with 232,347 jobs, ranked fourth on the list of the ten most sought-after occupational groups in July, while in third place are health, medicine and social services.

Another job growth of 25.1% is seen in transportation, traffic and logistics, while positions six to nine are in office management, finance and accounting, IT and telecommunications and project management.

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