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Grimsley to lose ballparks this summer to pave way for new Kiser Middle School | Education


GREENSBORO — The new Kiser Middle School will be built on what is now the Grimsley High School baseball and softball fields, Guilford County Schools administrators confirmed Saturday.

The new school will also relocate a mixed sports practice field used by both schools. All three fields will become unavailable for athletics starting this summer.

The placement would allow current Kiser Middle School and Brooks Global Studies students to stay at their old schools while their new schools are built, rather than having to move off-campus.

News of the location came Saturday as part of a presentation about Kiser’s design to the Board of Education during his retirement. Grimsley’s athletic director, parents and others have been demanding answers about plans for the pitches.

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Superintendent Sharon Contreras and her staff have a plan to build new replacement fields in Grimsley, but the district doesn’t expect them to be ready until spring 2025.

In the meantime, Grimsley will have to move games and training elsewhere.

The district is in talks with Greensboro Parks and Recreation to line up land where Grimsley can play and practice once public works for the new Kiser begin on the site this summer.

Operations Manager Michelle Reed said the district should be able to announce what those fields will be in the coming weeks.

Grimsley High School, Kiser Middle, and Brooks Global Studies, an elementary school, are all located on a single campus in Greensboro.

The district is working with architects on design projects for replacements for Kiser Middle and Brooks Global Studies that are slated for construction in the next two years as part of a larger $300 million bond project.

Kiser would move to the ball diamonds site and Brooks Global would move to the former Craven School site, a property owned by Guilford County Schools adjacent to the Greensboro Arboretum, district administrators confirmed Saturday.

With the old Brooks Global demolished, school administrators are looking to use the space to replace the old ballparks with new ones.

The district also hopes to renovate Grimsley more in the future, but that funding will depend on voters approving the $1.7 billion bond in May.

Kiser’s placement is, in a sense, both old and new.

At a school board retreat a year ago, district leaders said essentially the same thing, that they expected to put the new Kiser where the Grimsley grounds are, temporarily sending athletes from the secondary elsewhere to train and play.

Contreras explained on Saturday, however, that after the district brought in architects to begin designing the Kiser project, they asked them to do a comparative analysis of all the possible places on campus where the new Kiser could go. , calling the location into question.

On Saturday, representatives from Goode Van Slyke Architects shared an overview of this analysis with details of the four location options they proposed, long lists of pros and cons for each, and an explanation of the reason the location at the top of the baseball fields was the only one. of the four they would recommend.

The other three options for moving Kiser were: rebuild roughly where he and his fields are now, place him in the wooded northeast corner of the site where a stream is, or place him where Brooks Global is now. Studies.

The school district wants to keep the two old buildings to house students during construction and there are landscaping challenges with the northeast portion of the site that would likely add significant costs and delays to the project, such as regulations protecting the creek.

They already have funds to demolish Brooks Global, and they recommend taking $2.2 million from the recent sale of the district’s Pisgah Church property to build the new fields.

Such an allocation should eventually be voted on by the Board of Directors.

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