Training fields

Height barrier to be installed at Peterborough Playgrounds to prevent further encampment

In September a group of around 20 caravans arrived at the Campbell Drive Playing Fields near Baron Court in Gunthorpe.

The grounds are home to junior football club Gunthorpe Harriers FC, who were forced to cancel all training sessions and home games for more than two weeks until they all left the site.

Shortly after leaving camp, a meeting was held between members of the public, council officers, Aragon direct services and neighboring ward councilors Andrew Bond, Sandra Bond, Judy Fox, John Fox and Bryan Tyler.

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Campbell Drive playgrounds.

Measures to prevent such incidents from happening if the future were discussed and among these was a height barrier. Work began for its installation this week.

A similar barrier was put up at Manor Park Farm in Eye after Travelers set up camp there in June.

Cllr Andrew Bond said: “Following the illegal encampments at Campbell Drive last year I arranged a meeting shortly afterwards to discuss further measures and am pleased that a new barrier is beginning to be put in place. up this week.”

On social media, Clly Bryan Tyler said: “There are times when you just can’t thank everyone for solving the problems.

“But James Collingridge, Clair George and their respective council teams have done and are doing everything they can to deter future illegal encampments.

“Special thanks and congratulations to Cllrs John Fox and Judy Fox.

“From the first report of an illegal camp set up on Campbell Drive, they faced visitors.

“The site was finally evacuated, but not before thousands of pounds of damage and many residents with frayed nerves.

“Thumbs up to the PE4 Wombles who did an absolutely terrific job trying to keep the mess to a ‘minimum’!”

“John, Judy and I are always keen to fill any potential gaps, but we can only do that with the support of residents. You see a gap, let us know as soon as possible.

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