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Highlands College continues to offer rapid training courses in various fields | New

Last year, Highlands School has added or is planning to add various rapid coaching programs to its catalog. These include acquiring a commercial driver’s license, becoming a licensed caregiver, prepared website building programs and one to two days of training for roles in the television and film industry. .

While the two-year school has provided some types of fast-paced coaching programs over the past few years, it now offers a number in a wide range of areas attributable to particular company and neighborhood needs and the provision of funding and partnerships with totally different bodies.

“It’s the needs of the business and the needs of the neighborhood that really drive him,” said Michelle Morley, affiliate of Highlands Science and Workforce Development.

“Whether or not it’s medical and long-term care services that want CNAs, or a shortage of truck drivers…there’s actually a shortage right now, and that’s something we’ll do shortly. time to teach people and bring them into position where they will live or rise. a payment.”

Individuals also learn…

The CDL Primary Classroom opened in October 2021 and has since taught three shifts. Morley mentioned that the course wanted about seven students per course to compete, with cohorts averaging 5-6.

Graduate students in the category attend eight hours a day, 4 days a week for six weeks. The CNA class costs $1,450 and requires students to attend eight hours a day, 5 days a week for 2 weeks.

In the CNA class, students can get a license at the end of the course, and in the CDL class, many students can take the license exam during the course, while students who cannot take the exam of license as part of the course. Obtaining a driver’s license during the course allows the use of school vehicles for the exam.

While demand for each program is only slightly less than Morley and Brooke Samson, Group Relations and Business Partnership Administrators at Highlands anticipated, they are in the early stages of growing online programs for each program to make packages more accessible to individuals. .

Jack Gibson, a pupil in the Highlands School’s new CDL undergraduate program, checks the windshield wipers as Professor Jim Dick appears before driving the Gibson truck through the parking area on July 28. Gibson says he plans to use his new Talent. He returned to his family’s farm in Dillon.

Meagan Thompson, Montana commonplace

“We are still coming out of COVID after running[the CDL course]in the fall,” Morley said. “And everybody was no longer going to work, face to face full time, and so people were able to change their schedules and come into class…Whereas now it’s a completely different story where a lot of the expectations are completely totally different. , you’re back to work, back to the workplace, and never as versatile as you used to be.

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