Tennis courts

Hillcrest Playgrounds, Tennis Courts to be ready for 2023 seasons


By Julie Slama | [email protected]

The final phase of Hillcrest High’s multi-year reconstruction process involves preparing the new football, baseball and softball fields and tennis courts.

Construction is underway, starting with leveling the old school grounds for play areas.

“We hope they will be completed by early October,” said Leon Wilcox, Canyons’ chief financial officer and business administrator. “Students will not be able to play on the grounds this fall because we have to let them settle. The idea has always been to start with the 2023 baseball and men’s softball and soccer seasons in the spring. Women’s football will still play at East Midvale (elementary) this fall.

He said the women’s tennis program could start playing on the courts when completed.

“There is a chance that they can play on them a bit (this season),” he said.

Other than the sports fields, there may be “just a few things to finish, the biggest thing is just tweaking the mechanical system to make sure it’s not too hot or too cold,” Wilcox said. “It can take several months to fine-tune it in such a large building, to get everything lined up properly.”

The rebuilding of Hillcrest began with a ceremonial dig in May 2018. Then new ground and gymnasiums for the Huskies, followed by the main four-story college wing linked to the then five-year-old STEM building. Now, four years later, the Class of 2023, who have been in the construction trenches during their high school careers, are set to see school and field completion shortly before they graduate. diploma.

The Huskies’ new $121,659,600 home sits on the 38-acre campus and was made possible when voters approved a $283 million tax-neutral bond in 2017.

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