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Hope High School tennis courts resurfaced for $75,000 in 2019, already cracking


Sunday 08 November 2020

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Cracks on the newly surfaced tennis courts at Hope High School PHOTO: GoLocal

The Hope High School tennis courts in Providence resurfaced in 2019 at a cost of $75,357 and are already creaking after just a year, with much of that time sitting idle between the winter months and the coronavirus lockdown .

The company awarded the contract by the Board of Contract & Supply is JG Coffey Company, LLC of Bristol, RI. The Board of Contract and Supply is chaired by Mayor Jorge Elorza.

Contract – and Cracking


The contract was awarded on April 29, 2019. It is unclear why the project was only completed in August, just days before the start of schools in 2019.

The contractor has left rubbish and barrels around the courts – many of which are open and unsecured.

Neil Feely of JG Coffey Company, LLC said cracks are not uncommon.

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The courts are in poor condition PHOTO: GoLocal

“Courts this old will usually show new cracks year after year because the older they get the more they crack. Courts over 20/25 years old are usually on borrowed time if not maintained year after year. The warranty is next for the work done last year,” said Feely.

1. All structural cracks sealed using the Armor Crack Repair System are under warranty, so if any fail, they will be repaired free of charge.

2. Any non-structural cracks that have been sealed are not warranted as this product is only designed to last one season.

“Out of curiosity, why are you contacting me about this and not the city that awarded the job?” Feeley added.

City officials had not responded to GoLocal at the time of publication.

In addition to the cracks on the courts, rubbish is piled up and the nets of two of the courts are in poor condition.

The Hope High School women’s tennis team plays on the courts.

Ongoing issues and lack of city oversight

This is not the first problem with the courts. In August 2019, GoLocal disclosed the barrel spill on site.

Areas adjacent to tennis courts and grounds at Hope High School in Providence were littered with dozens of 55-gallon drums and other containers.

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Barrels left by contractor in 2019 PHOTO: GoLocal

In the bushes were dozens of other containers. Most drums and containers carried warning labels stating that the materials are “carcinogenic” or “products not to be stored in direct sunlight”.

Barrels were unsecured – thrown haphazardly, some without lids. On some containers, the lids could be easily removed. Others contained liquid and had corks.

Just beyond the tennis courts is the school track, and there is a playground about 75 meters away – all accessible to the public.

Some of the littered containers were marked “Keep out of reach of children”.

Following GoLocal’s 2019 story, trash was cleared from the site.

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Trash left behind in 2019 PHOTO: GoLocal

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