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How Bears QB Justin Fields impressed Peter King in training camp


Many factors will determine the success of the Bears’ organizational overhaul, but no factor will be as important in determining the length of the rebuild as the development of Justin Fields. In the last episode of Under the Center PodcastPeter King joined the show and shared that he had heard many people in the Bears organization describe Fields in two ways, indicating that he could become a franchise quarterback.

“A worker bee ー that you have to be when you learn a new offense ー and eminently coachable,” King said.

Both of those traits are great, but if Fields can’t take those qualities and translate them into great play, it doesn’t matter much. However, King thinks the Bears surrounded Fields with the right coaches to make that happen.

“You bring Luke Getsy from Green Bay, and I swear when I watched practice and saw Justin Fieldsー I mean how many times did we see Aaron Rodgers rolling right then nine times out of 10 he throws, and once in 10 he scrambles. Well, I saw Justin Fields do that today, and his athleticism when he approaches the open court is fantastic. I think he’s going to be a bit more of a running threat, obviously, than Rodgers was. You don’t want him making a living because of the risk of injury, but I think that attack suits Justin Fields really well if he can be accurate This will tell the story.

Along with making accurate throws, King echoed a similar challenge for Fields that we heard from Matt Eberflus and other coaches when discussing the next steps in his growth: Fields is going to have to develop timing and pace. with its recipients, in the scheme.

“I think he has a really good chance,” King said. “It’s in the hands of Justin Fields, period. He can do it. I love the offense he’s in. Luke Getsy is a rising star in this business. I think he’s in a very, very good position.

Ultimately, the Bears will have to evaluate Fields, but King doesn’t believe his evaluation should be based on wins and losses.

“A successful season is saying on December 28, ‘Okay, so we’re 4-12’, or whatever it is by December 28, ‘We really don’t care, we didn’t even expect to be serious wild card contenders, but we know we’ve got our guy. It’s been a successful season.”

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