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How the organization failed Fields, Soldier Field Turf Monster claims another victim and more bear bullets


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• While the original tweet has been deleted, the screenshots last forever. And the debate rages on:

• It’s that simple: Had they done their due diligence and properly developed Justin Fields, this team could have been fighting for a playoff berth. If they don’t interfere with its development, they have a punch. If this team had been transparent and honest with themselves they would have come up with a competent plan of attack for the QB of the future, we don’t have that conversation in this series of Bullets on the first Friday of January.

• They lost late in the game against the Steelers and Ravens. Stumbled on his own feet, blurting out a quick lead against the Niners. That loss of the Vikings on Monday Night Football was the one Minnesota begged for Chicago to win. And yet, with Week 18 here and the picture of the playoffs in the NFC without the Bears, the organizational failure is now complete.

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• Chris Emma (670 The score) really highlights the franchise’s shortcomings when it comes to the development of Fields.

• How would I rate Fields’ rookie season? This Sun-Times sports coverage says it best:

• You can point out a number of reasons the Bears aren’t in this year’s playoff field, but their Justin Fields failure is at the top of my list. They failed him at every turn. Choose your favorite failure. Wasn’t it giving Fields plenty of reps during training camp or preseason ultimately being a harbinger of doom that did it for you? What about not building sustainability on the line of scrimmage? Or an inability to form a competent group of receptors? Was a reluctance to plot around player strengths what held them back? Or let a defense that has done so much heavy work weaken Fields and his teammates? Ultimately, the Bears failed Justin Fields in 2021. And that’s one of the main reasons we’re entering the offseason with a lot more questions than answers.

• How can you watch how the Patriots are setting things up for Mac Jones and not think about how the Bears could have done something similar if they had been better prepared to do it? When Black Monday falls, it is assumed that Bears head coach Matt Nagy will be pushed out the door. In the wake of this news, there will be spilled ink and radio waves filled with talk of how Nagy groped the bag on her way out the door. And while he certainly did, it all stinks of organizational failure. Let’s not lose sight of the forest through the trees.

• It is unfortunate that moving to the COVID reserve list can deprive us of a last Fields moment. Not just for us as fans, but also for Fields:

• It is honorable when a player says he prefers to play the rope instead of resting during the season finale. I think that’s admirable and a sign of leadership when it comes to the quarterback position. Do not mistake yourself. I understand the desire to keep Fields as healthy as possible. And I understand why the fans wouldn’t want him to plan the game in the Nagy-Lazor system one more game than necessary. But just as I was in favor of letting Javy Báez and Willson Contreras be themselves and insisting that they not lead to the aggressiveness of their respective games, I am all for Fields to play if he wants to himself. player. COVID could take that out of Fields’ hands. But I appreciate the moxie and common sense of a guy who wants to go out when there is nothing else to do

• As a reminder, this COVID thing is not a problem (as members of the Wu-Tang Clan once said eloquently). By Patrick Finley of The Sun-Times, offensive tackle Larry Borom only now feels normal-ish … Two weeks * AFTER * his return from the Reserve / COVID-19 list. Take care of yourself (and each other).

• The Soldier Field Turf monster kills another victim:

• Based on historical trends, Devin Hester is a Hall of Fame lock. (Jack Silverstein, Windy City Gridiron)

• Put it on a dang hoodie:

• “If we have 11, we will play” is the mindset of a true football warrior. Go get them, Jentre Kirklin!

• I’m about to curl up with this weekend with my friend Jim’s chili recipe. Nothing like a few days to lounge around and eat chili to pass the time.

• Not unexpectedly, AP does not remove MVP vote from Hub Arkush of him after his comment on “bad guy” Aaron Rodgers, which Patrick touched on yesterday in his Around the NFL look.


• The Bulls must really love each other. I imagine it’s cool:

• Hey, man. Incremental expansion always counts as expansion:

• Phew! A Wizards broadcaster made an unfortunate reference to Kevin Porter Jr.’s late father on a winning shot.

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