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Home of the Unit 4 tennis teams, Lindsay Courts also regularly hosts IHSA playoff tournaments (Danielle Coleman from Urbana during last fall’s IHSA Class 1A section).

Today: what awaits the Lindsay tennis courts in Champaign?

Starting Monday, a half a million dollar makeover.

“We will be removing all of the netting and part of the fence to crush the eight tennis courts,” said Champaign Park District Executive Director Joe DeLuce. “We’ll remove half a coat of asphalt, re-asphalt it, then add a new coat of color once the asphalt is sealed. “

The whole building and re-coloring process should take about a month and a half, DeLuce said.

For the district’s capital projects, the business costs about $ 550,000. The resurfacing is expected to take “20 to 25 years,” DeLuce said.

When completed, the tennis courts will be the same as the city’s other regulation courts – the classic blue and green combo.

Centennial and Central High Schools both play on Lindsay’s tennis courts.

The park district is also planning to redo the courts at Spalding Park, which also serves local tennis athletes.

“We have a lot of tennis players in the community. When both are completed, we will have great tennis courts for local players and high schools, ”said DeLuce.

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