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Indonesian G20 pushes for concrete actions in three priority areas


The Indonesian G20 Presidency sees the importance of real joint actions in the three priority areas to achieve a sustainable global recovery

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesia’s G20 Presidency is encouraging concrete actions in the three priority areas of global health architecture, digital economic transformation and energy transition, Coordinating Minister of Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto has said.

“The Indonesian G20 Presidency sees the importance of real joint actions in the three priority areas to achieve a sustainable global recovery,” Hartarto noted here Thursday.

In the health sector, the Indonesian G20 emphasizes a global response and inclusiveness to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular for the affordability and accessibility of vaccines and the strengthening of the global health architecture .

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Digital transformation efforts are also being made as the pandemic has boosted the use of digital in economic and social sectors.

Indonesia also stresses the importance of digital infrastructure or the availability of hardware, such as fiber optic networks, for multiple digital platforms to be affordable and easily accessible.

For example, Hartarto pointed to the government’s pre-employment card program which is part of the digital transformation, in which it uses digital training mechanisms to hone the quality of the country’s human resources.

Qualification, retraining and further training are done digitally, and at the same time, the pre-employment card has become a semi-social aid for people affected by the pandemic.

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Meanwhile, Indonesia is still exploring appropriate financing mechanisms to achieve an energy transition that relies on investing in renewable energy.

Investment in renewable energy – hydropower, solar and carbon capture and storage (CCS) – is widely developed in various parts of Indonesia for which considerable financing is needed.

Indonesia has also launched an innovative funding program to accelerate the closure of coal-fired power plants in line with the Glasgow Climate Pact.

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In addition, Indonesia cooperates with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) through the Energy Transition Facility and uses ammonia gas for power generation.

“For this reason, innovative financing solutions, programs and international support are needed, and this is in line with the Glasgow Accord,” he said.

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