Athletic fields

Irving Adopts New Fee Schedule for Use of Sports Fields and Sports Associations


Effective October 1, the City of Irving adopted a new fee schedule for the use of sports fields and rental properties.

Sports courts are available for rent for recreational leagues, competitive leagues, tournament organizers and the public. Sports field reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Individuals or associations are welcome to reserve land at any time, and payment is due when the land(s) are reserved.

Rentals are based on an hourly rate with an additional charge for the use of lights. There is a $35 penalty per staff member for any litter left on or around sports fields.

Sports associations
The city provides residents with several athletic opportunities for children, adults, and people with special needs through athletic associations that use various athletic venues across Irving.

Each sports association, as well as the Irving All Sports Association (IASA), has its own bank account. The funds in these accounts belong only to the organizations. The City has no say in how these funds are collected or used. The city does not charge a separate fee for an association supporting another association; however, a Primary User may choose to split charges with Secondary Users.

Each organization is governed by its own councils. Governance of association fees is the responsibility of the private association and is outside the purview of Irving Parks and Recreation.

Because the city lacks the ability to regulate the operations of associations, the language of sponsorship and co-sponsorship was removed from the ordinance. Interested sports associations/providers must provide proof of 501c3 status and insurance.

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