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Justin Fields calls new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy a ‘mastermind’


Justin Fields has worked with several accomplished attacking coaches during his football career. He spent a season under Jim Chaney at Georgia in 2018, the same man who developed Drew Brees at Purdue. Then he spent two years playing for Ryan Day at Ohio State, arguably one of the most respected offensive minds in college football today. So the Chicago Bears quarterback learned from some accomplished people.

That’s why his comments about new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy were telling. Fields took a few minutes to speak with a longtime NFL insider Peter King from NBC Sports after practice. He explained what it’s like to deal with the pressure of playing for a franchise with such an ugly QB history and how things are progressing in the new offense. He was then asked if he felt the new system suited him as a player. It was here that Fields offered Getsy some spontaneous praise.

Justin Fields is not prone to grand statements like that.

He will praise coaches and teammates, but never used powerful words like “brains” and “the best” QB coach he’s ever had. It’s not something to ignore. It’s the clearest indication yet that Fields has bought into this new coaching staff and what they’re trying to do. The signs also appear on the ground. Efficiency improved for the young quarterback during training camp. Interceptions from last year are down and he is improving in situational football.

Getsy is encouraged by his progress. Every time he speaks, it sounds like he has a clear plan on where Justin Fields is going. Friday’s practice was a perfect example, with the defense running 3-4 scouting looks because two teams in the division are using that pattern. Every detail counts. Everything fits together. Once a quarterback masters the details, things will start to click. Fans saw glimpses of it even in those early training camp workouts.

It offers hope that everyone is on the same page. It has not always been the case. Mitch Trubisky and Matt Nagy had issues. Jay Cutler has never been in contact with any of his offensive coordinators. Since Kyle Orton and Ron Turner, it didn’t feel like those two spots were in sync. Refresh might be the best word to describe Fields’ statement.

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