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Justin Fields credits Reps with Jesse James connection


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One of the first connections for Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields during training camp was with tight end Jesse James, who has been one of Fields’ favorite targets throughout the summer.

The connection has now translated into the regular season, where James caught three passes for 39 yards and a Fields touchdown last Sunday against the 49ers. And James is expected to continue to be more involved in the passing game given that connection.

Fields told reporters that having these reps from training camp with James really helped make that bond with James, the same bond he lacks with others at this point.

If only Fields had had the same opportunity during training camp with his other weapons, the ones he’s been playing for six games now.

There has been a bit of a mismatch between Fields and some of his guns, notably wide receiver Allen Robinson. Fields began arranging meetings between himself and recipients to help get them on the same page. And, so far, Fields is seeing the results.

“These meetings are to put us on the same page and pretty much me to convey to them what I think during this game or how I want them to travel a certain course at a certain depth,” he said. he declares. “It’s just going to improve our connection and our chemistry. “

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