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Justin Fields gets one last game with Nagy as coach


Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy announces Justin Field will start the season finale. Fortunately, this will be Justin Fields’ last game with Nagy as the head coach.

After being inactive for the past two weeks with an ankle injury, the Chicago Bears quarterback Justin champs will start the regular season finale against the Minnesota Vikings. Head coach Matt Nagy made the announcement this week.

Fields has one last chance to take some shots in game situations. His rookie campaign will end and he will have a big offseason to develop further and come back stronger in 2022.

It will also apparently mark the last time Fields will play with Nagy as the head coach. Reports indicate that the Chicago Bears informed him that this week’s game will be his last as a head coach.

We have all seen how horribly Nagy handled Fields. It seemed like if he had done what he wanted, he would just have Fields idle every game. From the start of training camp, Nagy kept downplaying Fields. He announced that there was nothing, except injury, that could happen that would cause Fields to start the season as a finished QB1. Andy dalton.

Nagy then gave Fields almost no snap with the starters, either during training camp or in preseason games. This movement would come back to haunt him later.

There was a better way for Nagy to do what he did. It could have been that Fields and Dalton shared a few snaps. He should have left Fields on the offensive. To fans, it would feel like a bit of a battle. The only thing is Dalton would be the winner no matter what. Nagy should have kept this ad to himself and then announced that Dalton won the battle towards the end of the preseason.

Some people would be crazy, but most would accept it. The way Nagy did it, it left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouths. He seemed to be closed-minded in his approach. It also made it feel like he wasn’t going to use Fields much during the season. At the start of the regular season, there was already a ton of negativity.

Once the season started we saw Dalton wrestle in the first game. Just as we have seen with Mitchell trubisky, we saw Dalton throw some really bad interceptions.

In week 2 Dalton injured his knee and Fields had to replace him. He helped secure a victory, but it was recorded in Dalton’s record.

The Fields started in Week 3 and this is where the McCaskeys should have understood that Nagy was not the coach to develop the Fields. It appeared that there was no game plan. Nagy had basically set Fields up for Dalton. There was no pocket movement, no tilt, and no help from the offensive line.

Once the wrong game plan failed, there was no adjustment on Nagy’s part. He left Fields to take a beating.

This poor training continued throughout the season with Fields and Nagy. Nagy just didn’t perform the pieces that used Fields’ best abilities. He basically wanted to make Fields a Dalton-type quarterback.

From now on, Fields will work with another head coach and other coaching staff. The main concern of whoever hires the new head coach (hopefully it’s not current GM Ryan Pace) has to be who can best help Fields. The team feels like they’ve finally found their franchise quarterback. Therefore, they have to put him in the best position to be successful.

Nagy didn’t do that, and now we’ll see his exit to the benefit of Fields and the Chicago Bears offense.

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